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Had a really long weekend. Worked the stage room during our Gorilla Zoe concert on Saturday. It was about 85-90 degrees in that room because of all the people in their and the body heat coming from them. Long sweaty, sweaty, sweaty night. Felt like it took a little juice outta me. It will be fine. I could go cry about it or something, but I won’t write about it if I do. Every time Gorilla Zoe pulled a girl on stage 40 more behind her tried to run up too. I had to stop them EVERY TIME. They would bitch and yell at me saying “WHY CAN’T WE GO UP THERE!?!?!?!?!?”. I would just wave them away. Pretty much if Gorilla Zoe didn’t pull you up on stage you’re not getting on the fucking stage. I wanted to inform these girls to go ahead and fuck themselves and then inform them that they aren’t special. Stressful man. Stressful.

My bench is going great btw. I plan to hit at least 400 in competition now. The next one is is August. In Kileen, Texas. The crew will meet up again and the circle will be complete. Really looking forward to it. I also get to see my buddy Taylor when I go. Here is a recent video of my benching. It was today (4/2/12). The man behind the camera is Brandavious and the LARGE gentleman doing the intro is Maxwell. Both were former football players here at Southern. They had their last season and now they are just getting huge. Anyways, here is the benching

Deadlift: 495×2
Dynamic Effort Squat: 275×2/On the min/10 Min
Sledgehammer Swings: 70

Bench: 410×2/415×2
Close-Grip: 355×3/365×3/375×2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 70x5x3
Bench: 60x5x3
RDL: 65x5x3

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  1. “Being super huge and muscular for NO REASON” got a legit LOL out of me.

    That’s what I call really yolked guys. Ever know a guy that is pushing 6’5, jacked, and really athletic looking??? but he doesn’t do anything. He is big for no reason. Like he should have been born a few centuries ago and he would have been a hero. That’s what “big for no reason” is. My roommate is 6’3 250. NORMALLY. If I was on a battlefield with a sword and a shield looking through my helmet at him I’d shit my pants.

    • Which begs the question, if you aren’t walking around with a sword and a shield, why the fuck not?

      Also legit bench is legit. I have nothing useful to contribute to this discussion except to say that I want to be like you when I grow up mostly because my wife admires uhh your posterior chain (holla holla).

      lol you’ll grow up soon enough. My mustache still doesn’t connect to my beard so that’s why I can’t wait til I grow up too.

  2. Benching to Separate Ways by Journey is epic 😎

  3. question recently started your type of training, Previously did CFFB and crossfit type workouts, nonetheless always had a powerlifting movement.
    Anyway, what is your cardio or fatburning workouts?

    I try to do two days a week of an exercise that will count as my “Conditioning”. I swing a sledgehammer about 100 times twice a week and I consider my Dynamic Effort days to be somewhat “Conditioning”. I don’t really know what a “Fatburning” workout is and how it’s different from conditioning.

  4. That is some strong work, A.C. Was that Agnes in the background? She looks very nordic. I just want to let you know that its my long time goal to squat what you bench. (sniff, sniff) Also, what’s the deal with Soy protien? Why are meatheads afraid of this stuff? Thanks man, and keep up the stong work.

    Yes that was her. Ha yeah she is blonde and light-skinned, very nordic. lol google is your best source for info on soy protein. I just grab some stuff from GNC when I run out. Anything with the name “Soy” in front of it probably scares “meatheads” away from it to begin with. As far as the scientific reasoning goes I can look into it.

    Apparently there are some side effect myths such as raised estrogen levels and increased thyroid activity, which may affect a certain population if they have thyroid issues. That’s about as un-interesting as it gets lol. I don’t really ever read into stuff like that.

  5. I am on the ridiculously long Facebook thread where you posted about training to awesome music. Here’s a gem from the late 90s.

    If that annoying ass holler was out of it I think it would be better. Got any others?

  6. When I get home I’ll check some of the mix CD’s I made back in the Napster days, probably some more random tracks from the lat 90s I could post.

  7. that bench was leggggggggggggggggit.

    speaking of bench, one of my buddies I work out with was lifting yesterday afternoon and was benching for volume 3x5x245 and he tore his right pec on his second set, 1st rep. He called me last night, he’s really down and upset about it. I dunno what to do to cheer him up besides listening to hott tracks on youtube. Any advice AC/fellas?

    P.S. – when doing power shrugs where do most guys put there hands? in front of their thighs, or right outside them? or way the balls out there like a bench?

    The grip should be where you put your hands for deadlifting. I’m figuring out the whole pec thing. I’ll let you know in a min.

    • Ok, I’ll try that tonight with the hands.

      Thanks again for your help.

      What kind of tear was it?

      • He said the doc told him he tore his right pectoral muscle the Dr. suspects.

        Like tore the muscle belly or tore the tendon from the bone?

        • turns out he went to the ER, they weren’t for sure and referred him to another doc. the picture looks pretty nasty. i’ll forward it to your email.

          Sounds pretty serious dude.

  8. If im following your schedule 2 on 1 off, how many times a week should I do crossfit- conditioning workouts, to not overtrain?

    I don’t do 2 on 1 off. I do M/T–TR/F. I have no idea what you are doing now so I can’t give you one-size-fits-all answer. Check your e-mail.

  9. In an alternate universe, there is a 300-pound bench specialist version of AC that does benches 600 for reps.

    I’d hate to see how fat that guy looks

  10. Good work, homie. Looking forward to hanging with y’all in Kileen in August.

    It’s gonna be a bloodbath

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