Time to bleeeeeeed

This is Mitch. Weighs 160 and hit 420×3. This is what hard work looks like. Perseverance and patience = Strength.

Been a good week. Benched 405×3 and Squatted 510×2. The rest of the week is lame volume day shit. No one really cares about that. Nobody ever says, “Hey man! What do you do for sets of 5? Lemme suck your dick cause you do 3×5 with XXXX weight”. Yeah that’s a real lame conversation. Agnes on the other hand, has been consistent this week. She squatted (high bar) 65x5x3. Looking sharp. Would have been better if she didn’t go out last night, but eh shit happens. Still proud of her.

Really looking forward to next weeks training. Get to hit 410 on bench and Deadlift again. DL is kinda low considering I couldn’t do it for about 2 months. Looking forward to getting that back up to the high 5’s and then hitting 6. Also I am looking forward to seeing Wraith of the titans. I fucking love that old mythology type stuff. I think it makes for an entertaining movie, but what the fuck does that matter. I am sure it will suck, but still be cool to watch.

I really only talk about movies and lifting. That’s what my life revolves around. I also plan on getting my belly waxed. My buddy will record it so that should be interesting. I’ll probably get that done this weekend. It’s beach season guys. Get on your tank-top game.

Bench: 325x5x3
Press: 245×2
Dips: 45lbsx5x3
Shoulders were so fucking tired.

Squat: 65x5x3
Press: 50×5/50x3x2
Pendlay Rows: 65x5x3

  1. are you waxing in a capital A and C? That sounds so painful.

    2 questions – a) do you do any conditioning workouts, if so what/when/time etc? b) is Agnes in Merrrrrica’ for a while now or just a long vacation?

    I do some sledgehammer stuff after Tuesdays and Fridays. Gets my heart rate up a little bit and I honestly like to sling that bitch around for fun. Agnes is in America for a while now. Trying to figure out a more permanent solution.

  2. Volume days are quite boring. If someone were to actually care what I do for a 3×5, I’d question their sanity.

    They are really boring.

  3. Have you seen Immortals? I caught that over the weekend. If you liked 300 and those types of movies, then you will dig it. Mickey Rourke plays a pretty awesome villain.

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