Down, Up, Good Lift

Update: Squatted today (3/27/12)

Had a good morning in the gymnasium today. Benched 395×2. It felt a little awkward. I stayed up late watching “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. The girl in the movie is mega hot as a pale weirdo. Pretty tight movie. Had a little too many sub-plots going on towards the end, but never the less tight. So after 395×2 I reached down into my limitless reserves of strength and put 405 on the bar. Now I hit this for a single back in early early December and I wanted revenge after my surgery. I put this song on over the loud-speakers and went to town. I hit that bitch for a triple. My first rep is always worse than the others because I tend to do it in a blind rage. After that, I always regain some focus while still being emotional. Got the second one real clean and proceeded for a third. Tits. Unfortunately I don’t have a video, but don’t worry. I’ll get one up of 410 next week.

I also saw John Carter over the weekend. All of it except for the last 20 minutes. Had to leave to take care of something at work. I was real fucking pissed. Go see it. It’s tight. Jake posted a good review of it in the last post here. In depth. I like it. You won’t be let down. There is a scene in there that I thought about when I benched. Got real emotional and it helped for the bench set. I really only saw it btw because my buddy looks like a yolked John Carter. Definitely his new nickname.

Carl weighed around 225 when this picture was taken. I can only assume Taylor Kitsch weighs are 180 pounds.

Carl should have been John Carter.

Somebody asked a while ago which MWODS do I use. Here are a few that I do before lifting.

There is a fuck ton of these that I use all within the little 5-10 min stretch warmup-up I do. These took my a hot-minute to find so if you have a specific area that you are curious about, ask.

Squat: 500×2/510×2
Rack-Pull: 455×5
BB Curls: 95x10x3
Neck Machine: All sidesx10x3
Bench: 395×2/405×3 (EZPZ)
Close-Grip: 350×3/360×3/370×2
Push/Pull-Downs: 70/80/90×10–50/60/70×10

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  1. Awesome benching.

    I love that moment in the Dragon Tattoo remake of which you spoke where all the men in the audience are going: ‘I really shouldn’t be turned on by what’s happening right now but goddamn it is HOT.’

    You know the bit I mean.

    I know what you mean. That girl is mega hot in that movie, but she is not that hot when she looks normal. I like the slutty pale version.

  2. Good stuff, AC.

    I like the pre-squat hip opener, and the ankle stretch that KStar shows. I may add that snatch warm up into the mix. Three stretches, and go.

    The hip opener is a good one too. I do the ankle one on occasion as well if I feel like it needs to happen. I do that snatch warm-up pre bench workout. Feels way better. It tore up some scar tissue I had built up for a while so I tend to bias that stretch.

  3. do you like Peter Gabriel’s cover of my body is a cage better than the original by Arcade Fire?

    Arcade Fire was one of the best live shows I’ve been too by the way.

    I like the updated version of “My body is a Cage”. I don’t know which one came out first. The one that I linked is the tits. So whichever that is. Saw Godsmack one time when they opened up for Metallica. They were better live than Metallica was. Could be cause of the age difference, but who knows.

    • I remember reading on Brent’s blog that he didn’t do the hip mobs before squatting (it may have been a specific one, I can’t remember) because he felt too loose during his squats. Did you notice anything like that?

      I remember him saying that. I don’t hold the stretches for very long so I don’t feel that way.

  4. Great squat video, i missed my workout on sunday due to being out of town for a wedding/too hungover (so many long islands/open bar). So today I’m back at it and can’t wait to squat. This video has me all jacked up.

    Also thanks for the pre-workout mobs! Can’t wait for this bench vid.

    Heavy drinking usually makes shit hard. Who hasn’t done that though? Enjoy the mob vids and you will see the bench vid next monday.

    • i think i felt even more terrrrible cause i missed a workout, but it’s the first one in a while.

      perfect timing, my bench day is next tuesday.

  5. Killer Squats Bro.

    You have probably heard this song, but I thought you migh
    t enjoy it. The chick is pretty banging imo. IMO.

    Enjoy your remaining years.

    Thats going on my love-makin playlist.

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