Those are mighty nice tags you have there, sir. The men who took me had tags just like ’em.

Not much has gone on this week that has been interesting. We had an employee party on Wednesday. We all hop on a tricked out bus and go to savannah. Normally one would get plastered, but considering I care more about lifting than anything else I stayed sober. I had to do my volume work Thursday (usually around 315 for bench) and Friday (around the low 400’s for squat) so not a big desire to drink. Usually volume days are tough if you are pretty tired. I try to rest as much as possible before all lifting though.

I looked awesome as usual.

Training is going pretty well. Can’t wait for Nationals and the local Strongman competition Norman and I are doing. Standard protocol with Fingal Fingers and Atlas stones. It’s April 14th or something so I can’t wait to compete in it. I think it’s going to be a blast. In other news, some one was over my house and shit in my toilet and let a huge glob of tp sitting there with it. The handle is broken so you have to lift up the back to flush it. Not only did this person not say anything to anyone they didn’t even make an attempt to do anything. I fucking hate disrespectful people. They made a mess in the bathroom too. Fucking mother-fuckers.

Did anyone see John Carter?

Squat: 415×5/400×5/385×5
RDL’S: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 210x5x3
Sledgehammer swings/50M Jogx6 rotations

Bench: 320x5x3
Press: 245×1 (Didn’t have a lot of juice. Agnes came home late and I didn’t get much sleep)
Dips: 135x5x3

  1. “Come on baby, kick some Daisies, riding around in those Daisy Dukes.”

  2. “Didn’t have a lot of juice. Agnes came home late and I didn’t get much sleep”


  3. Often, after volume bench, I’ll find my press to really suck. Especially as it gets heavy (heavy’s relative in this scenario).

  4. I might be the only who actually saw JC (

    Nevertheless, I thought it was a really good time. It was entertaining in the classic sci-fi vein you’d get from Jules Verne or HG Wells. Sure it had some downsides like a bit too much love story and the main dude seemed to be channeling Michael Paré for his acting inspiration. But all in all I’d recommend it. Plus it’s got a lot of great supporting actors like Dominic West and Ciarán Hinds & James Purefoy of Rome.

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