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Yeah man

J.T. my favorite ride is The Mummy

Spent most of my spring break down in Orlando at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was fucking badass. I went with my girlfriend and two other friends, Norman and Justin. Norman is the tall latino guy who I have posted about a few times here. My friend Justin is about 6″0 and 180 pounds. He used to lift with us until he switched colleges. He is really cockstrong for never really working out. He kinda just rock climbs all the time. Try to get out of his grip. It’s hard to. Moving on, We rode about 2+ hours down to Camden county on Saturday to kill some of the trip drive and chilled at a friends river house. It was tight. I was real tired from drinking the night before so I didn’t do much all day. We all wore really gay outfits out to the bar and got wasted. I wore a shirt that said “I (symbol of a palm tree) the islands!” and jean shorts. Sigh. Good thing I have a girlfriend or people might think I am gay . . . The next day we rode out to Orlando and checked into the hotel. The next morning we got up at 7 to eat and head to the park early. That’s the only way to do it. As the day goes on the crowd grows exponentially.

We went to The Hulk first and rode that bitch front row. Agnes had not been on a roller coaster for almost 10 years so she was a little nervous. The best part of The Hulk is the beginning where it accelerates. It’s sick. All of sudden an alarm starts to go off and you hear a generic “WARNING. WARNING.” then, Bruce Banner comes on the speaker and says “wait! I think, I think it’s going to work!”. The alarm sounds again. He says “O god no!! . . . NOOOOOOO!!!!“. My heart raced every time I heard him panic. It accelerates a lot faster in real life than in that video. I feel like if the ride were to crash I would be so jacked up on adrenaline from that dialogue that I’d be fine. After that we hit all the rides, Doom Free Fall, Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, then the other park.

I made it a point to be in all of Agnes’ scenery pictures.

We headed over to Universal and hit up The Mummy, Disaster Studios, Men in Black , Simpsons, and then to the Rock It. Unfortunately if you haven’t been to the park in a while the demolished the Jaws ride. It was all dirt and construction when we were there. They didn’t have a sign up for what they were building so who the fuck knows what’s going on. I was pissed because I had a lot of classic memories on that ride, as do I with others. One time when I was with my dad and bro we went on Jurassic park and the ride started awesome. This dude in front of us refused to give up his M&M’s to the ride guy. Hilarious. An angry bald black dude straight up told the guy no. So the kid took a big sigh and said whatever.

After that, about 3/4’s into the ride my dad is panicking. He “thinks” the ride is real. To go along with his joke he sees a lizard run by on the ground. The foliage is real around the ride so there is some wildlife. He starts screaming “O MY GOD!!! THE RIDE IS REAL!!!! THE RIDE IS REAL!!!!”. This is a 45 year old man yelling. My brother and I are pissing ourselves laughing. After that every time a raptor came out he lost it. Screaming frantically to get off the ride and grabbing the safety bar. Needless to say I had a good time on that ride. We all like to fuck around on rides. Here is an example:

I was on the phone the whole time.

Overall we had a badass time. Not a whole lot is cooler than being on a roller coaster with your buddies. I try to do this trip once a year. Mainly to people watch, but mainly to ride a fucking roller coaster.

Standard turkey leg pic

Harry Potter World wasn’t crowded at all

Lastly, I couldn’t let this guy be in a pic all by himself

Deadlift: 475×3
Dynamic Effort Squats: 275×2/On The Min/8 Minutes
Hammer Swings: 10xTwo-Hand Right-Left/Two Over/One Left-Right/Alternating

Bench: 385×2(EZ)/395×2
Close-Grip: 335×3/345×3/355×3
Push-Ups: BWx15x3 For the hell of it

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  1. 395×2 and moving fast, you are like a fucking prone forklift.

    Lol thanks man. It felt real awesome

  2. That was fast.

    How fast was it?

  3. Did you see anyone else with sweet nascar swag while you were there? You pick up those shirts at the Pilot truck stop?

    Unfortunately no one else was rocking Nascar gear. There was also a lack of fanny packs. We actually got them at Wal-Mart. They were 3 bucks. Should have made more gas station stops though.

  4. I approve of your amusement park attire. Needs more mullet, though. Way to show your lady the Ammerruuukin dream.

    Also, legit bench is legit.

    Only if I could of had a mullet wig. Probably would have blown off.

  5. Hahahaha, I loved the tucking in the shirts, classic. Really pulls the outfit together, plus superman socks, awwwwwwesome.

    If you don’t tuck your t-shirts into your shorts, then you’re not America

  6. Been lurking your blog for a while, decided to finally chirp up.

    Nice lifting, you just benched my squat goal. I hope to hit 180kgx3 by september, currently at 125×5, TM’ing it up. I think its reasonable.

    This post has just got me pumped, back in 2008 my school rugby team (from England)toured to Toronto, Florida and New York. We went unbeaten in all 6 games we played, rocked the theme parks, seen the sights. It was mint.

    It’s ok man. There is a guy on the Football team here that joke around and rep 405. How is the Texas Method working for you? I’d never play cause all the guys that play here get injured left and right. When they ask me to play there isn’t much motivation because the guy talking has had 3 shoulder surgeries. What position are you?

    • Texas Method’s good so far, hit a few PRs. Only been doing it for 3 weeks now after finally deciding to switch from my LP.

      I’m enjoying getting quality reps in on volume day and then pushing it on intensity day without having to beat myself if my form isn’t perfect.

      I play hooker, although I’m taking some time out from the game at the moment for a couple of reasons. It’s a lot of fun using this time to get stronger and shit though.

      Sounds like you got some good lifting ahead of you. Intensity day is fun as shit if you do it right. My buddy is the captain (one of them) for the rugby team here at Georgia Southern.

  7. Bahahahahaha….all of those pics with the nascar t-shirts tucked into cargo’s is the exact image of my uncles and dad when we went there about 5 or 8 years ago.

    There’s nothing like a fanny pack to carry all of your goodies!

    Looks like you guys and Agnes had an awesome time!

    Dude the fanny pack actually came in handy. Felt like it was gonna be real funny, but it was real useful.

    • I use one to bowhunt, it’s not an awesome 90’s neon green one (i wish), but I love using it.

      You should make your own line of custom fanny packs and tell everyone it will give them like 30lb PR’s if they wear it. You’d probably sell out quick.

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