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Brought ol Agnes to Ironworks today. She had her first Squat/Bench/RDL day today. She is really excited to lift. She mentioned that she has always wanted to learn how to lift and has always had some interest in it. I am having her high bar squat. She has a better body type for it and I will supplement the high bar with the RDL’s so she gets her hammstring work in. I won’t have her deadlift yet because she doesn’t have a grasp on keeping extension yet so a few weeks down the road from now she might be pulling. She squatted 55x5x3, benched 50x5x3, and did RDL’s for 45x5x3.

I just had my usual volume bench. Did 315x5x3 (easy today) and did some pressing. Came at 255×2 with a vengeance. I missed it the other week and I ass-fucked today. It felt nice. Agnes was a little concerned with the grunting, but she will get used to it.

J.T. says:

If she’s half as awesome as she sounds, she’ll take to it like a duck to water. My wife started lifting a few months ago and it really brought out her Scandi/Viking pride. It’s almost like northern European women have a genetic predispostion for awesomeness or something.

I really feel like you are correct. Glad the lady is lifting. Let me know about her progress. I’m sure Agnes will like to hear about another woman who has started and made progress.

Jay Says:

Any particular reason for the power cleans?
Explosion off the floor?
(your pictures made me explosion off the floor)
(… this is awkward, going to go now buh bye)

I have wanted to do them for some time now and I figured that PC’s are interchangeable with dynamic effort pulls. So I made some room for them.

Bench: 315x5x3
Press: 255×2
Totally forgot to do dips. Shit.

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  1. Right on. I figured that was the reason for the PC’s, just wanted to verify. Plus they are kinda fun, I’ll give you that.

  2. What do you look at when determining if someone is better off squatting high bar or low bar?

    • second that question.

      Her body dimensions are a part of the reason I had her high bar. I also chose to start her on a high bar in case she wants to dive into Oly lifting.

  3. glad to hear it all went well! my fiance has been doing SS LP for about 6 months now and has made some fantastic progress. She was always a cardio first, a few machines here and there kind of workout gal, but now she hits the weights hard and does cardio a few times a week (including barbell complexes). She gets all jacked up when she can bench or press more then the young punk dudes in there, I admit…there’s nothing like watching a 16 year old kid’s face when she’s outlifting him. It’s priceless.

    It’s good that she gets satisfaction from lifting. I feel like recognition is a big part of training, at least like it’s something to keep you going.

  4. My wife’s arm and shoulder musculature grows faster than mine. I’m not sure how I feel about that.


    Maybe you should do some extra work for maximum jackage

  5. Chris –

    Folks with really long femurs often have a ridiculously horizontal back angle and less than ideal quad involvement when doing low-bar squats. It also increases the chance for back injury, but that’s a whole other can-o-beans.

    Lifters with long femurs, like 70sbig Mike, may choose to do both low-bar and high-bar squats, to make sure they get a nice amount of development in both their posterior chain and their quads.

    I would guess that AC is having her RDL because its important to develop your posterior chain, and the RDL is a better choice than low-bar (in her case) because its better to teach a new lifter one style of squatting and have the motor pattern established before learning a different style.

    So, basically, it sounds like she has long femurs.

    Well the back angle also depends on the torso length. She has an extremely short torso so the lean that occurs during the lift to maintain position over the mid-foot is next to nothing. I mentioned in the comment above that I also put her on the high bar in case she wants to Oly lift. I feel like the transition would be easier for her.

    • Hmmm, I think I might fall into that category. I’m 6’2″ and it’s mostly legs. I have never been coached, but low bar always felt awkward for me. From the top of my hip bone to the bottom of my foot is roughly 41-42 inches and my torso can’t be more than a couple feet from waist to shoulder. What do you guys think?

      • I’m also 6’2″ – stupid long femurs – and after a year and half of LB (always feeling strange) I made the switch. It was like shifting 50% of the load off my lower back and putting it onto my quads. In other words, it was the best programming change I ever made.

        The only downside is that very heavy reps feel like they will saw your head off, even with a HB position I have a fair amount of torso lean. HB significantly limits my poundages, but allows me to train injury free AND continue to progress the thing I truly love (the deadlift).

        You might have the bar too high man. It might be on the spine.

  6. She’s doing the 2x a week intro female program that Justin put up a few months back… squat, press, RDL, bench. She swings kettlebells occasionally. Her main thing is running (currently working up to a full marathon in June) so she’s kind of playing with the volume to avoid chronic underrecovery/overtraining.

    I will say that lifting has made her all the more attractive to me personally and she really seems to enjoy the benefits as well. It’s all good in the hood.

    If it aint good in the hood then you better check yourself.

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