If this doesn’t turn you on I don’t know what will

A nice gift from my brother that I get to share with the world on the upcoming spring break

Of course some one will think this is gay and conceited, but I thought it was funny to share. Beauty. Elegance. Grace. Style. Love.

Some of you asked if my Girlfriend lifts. She has played baseball her whole life and she has a lean athletic build. She is going to start lifting (Squatting/Benching/Deadlifting/Etc) later this week. I think the fact that she is Polish will make her a beast in the gymnasium.

Squat: 515×2
Powerclean: 200x2x5
Curls: 95x10x3
Neck Machine: All sidesx110x10x3

  1. There is nothing gay about wearing speedos and frolicing in the backyard. Is Anges a Pudaznowski fan? Maybe I spelled his name wrong, but fuck it, he is stronger than me and I hate him for it or maybe I just hate myself.

  2. The shadow of the first jump in poetic. Someone needs to have that as a tattoo. Heading to PBC for spring break? Speedo is screaming for the Club Lavila foam room.

    The shadow is pretty tight. I went to PCB last year and we didn’t go into Lavila. Turns out my step-dads old buddy owns the freakin place. Found out after the trip. I will be taking this speedo to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

  3. no homo, that shadow on the first pic is awesome.

  4. If she’s half as awesome as she sounds, she’ll take to it like a duck to water. My wife started lifting a few months ago and it really brought out her Scandi/Viking pride. It’s almost like northern European women have a genetic predispostion for awesomeness or something.

  5. Any particular reason for the power cleans?

    Explosion off the floor?

    (your pictures made me explosion off the floor)

    (… this is awkward, going to go now buh bye)

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