Mah Lady

Picked up my girlfriend yesterday at the airport in Savannah. It was nice. Had to wait a hot minute cause her plane was late, but who gives a fuck. I got to see her. Everything I could have asked for.

aporter600 asks:

Hey man, question about RDLs. You are stronger than me by a long shot; at least 100lbs on all the big lifts. However, we are almost equal on RDLs. How can this be? Should I be more focused on my form and not weight, or are you using these as a recovery exercise after squats? Maybe my form and ROM is pathetic and I need to video myself.

The answer is:

Keep in mind that my volume is most likely a lot higher than yours. Over the week my total tonnage is more so on a lift like the RDL any more added tonnage is too much stress for my hammstrings to handle. I Keep the number at 155 because going any higher will destroy me for my upcoming intensity day. I read “How can this be?” like this “HOW CAN THIS BE!?!?!?”. Form is crucial for the RDL because you could be doing a lot and accomplishing nothing. Feel free to send a video.

In Arnold news, props to all my homies who were at the Arnolds this past weekend. Wish I coulda been there to support them. Chris, Mike, and Brooks are some bad mother-fuckers and I am proud to be friends with them.

Bench: 370×2/380×2
Close-Grip: 355x2x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

  1. Enjoy your time and here’s to not using Jergens

    It’s been a long time cumming, but she is finally here.

  2. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

    btw does Agnes lift?

    She played baseball in Poland so she is athletic and she is gonna have her first squat day today with me.

    • Well make sure she gets a few curls in the squat rack in, that’s pretty much mandatory for all new lifters.

  3. She’s a cutie! Enjoy your time together, the LDR thing is tough.

    Yeah the distance was real fuckin tough.

  4. Off topic, but waaaait a second. Savannah, GA I assume? I just had a lecture on that in my sustainable arch class last week, and my professor kept urging it as a place to go see if ever in the area (lecture was on grided layout of cities). Is it as awesome/beautiful as he claims?

    GA correct. I mean it’s cool I guess. Not really a big “ah look how cool this old city looks” kinda guy. It’s fair to say it is nice to look at.

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