Welcome to the real world

Not much to post this week. Been busy with a bunch of things. Cleaning the house, Lifting, Work, Etc.

The football team had their bench max day yesterday. They get a little more hype for benching than they do for squatting. Thats kinda the opposite of what I thought, but then I realized they all probably hate squatting. There were a handfull over 405 and one bench came in hot at 480. His name is Brent. He is about 6’2 300. He crushed 480 and wanted to hit 500. He could have easily done 490 so he went ahead and called for 500. Barely missed it.

Other random news. Found this guy outside my house this morning. Oddly enough Brent called me when he drove by this morning and asked if I knew the guy sleep outside our house.

I’ll get back to you guys later.. . And it’s been later. Here is an updated video of my friend Taylor. Again, he is about 160 and 5’7-8ish. He’s not that tall. He can correct me if I got that wrong. This goes to show you how strong you can be when you put the time in under the bar.

Squat: 405x5x2/405×3 (Tired)
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 185x5x3
Hammer Curls: 50/55/60/65—x8/70/75/80/85—x6

Bench: 315x5x3
Press: 185×5 (light day)
Dips: 140x5x2/140×3/90×5
DB Shoulder Laterals: 30x10x3
DB Side Raises: 25x10x3

  1. Did you steal his watch, at least?

    I farted in his face

  2. Do you do any conditioning AC?

    I might start doing a tad bit after my lifts on Tuesday/Friday. Just for a little strongman thing that is coming up at school, but other than that no.

  3. Funny post :mrgreen:

  4. Do make any attempt to count calories, AC? Or even ballpark it?

    I’m switching to TM shortly, and wonder I’m looking for advice on maintaining a steady weight/slowly dropping weight while pushing progress. You seem to be pretty good at that… though we may be on opposite ends of the body-type continuum.

    I barely pall park it. I just try to eat a lot of meat and shit. My diet is the worst part of my training so I am not the best to ask. I just happen to maintain weight. There are a ton of people I know that manage to drop 30-60 pounds and still progress. It just takes time.

  5. Hey man, question about RDLs. You are stronger than me by a long shot; at least 100lbs on all the big lifts. However, we are almost equal on RDLs. How can this be? Should I be more focused on my form and not weight, or are you using these as a recovery exercise after squats? Maybe my form and ROM is pathetic and I need to video myself.

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