I use a crazy straw as much as possible

Update: Here is a new web series that I am going to do. It involves multiple members of the football team. I hope you guys find it interesting because there are MANY more of these in the works/have been done already.

Long weekend. Had to work Friday and Saturday. Absolutely exhausted. Shit got real Saturday night. There were a few brawls going on at work and we had to handle a few assholes. Norman and I were pulling this guy out and he had his buddies all pulling him the other way. It was awkward as fuck cause I had him by the boot and belt and his pants were coming off. I don’t think they took us seriously at first because this is what we looked like

O well.

Had a nice end of the weekend. Went to a party for the swim team. It was to mark the end of their season so everyone was having a blast. Let’s just say some one found an axe in the back yard and the house is minus a tree now.

Squat: 495×5 (supposed to be a triple)
Deadlift: 275×3 (Getting back into my rotation for pulling/squatting)
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
Kneck machine: 100x10x3

Bench: 385×1/405×1 (On accident)
Close-Grip: 315×3/335×3/355×2/275×5
Pull-Ups: BWx10/8/8
So fucking tired

If you guys have any video requests please feel free to say them in the comments. I am trying to do a few videos in the next week. Already have one planned to show you guys the bench set-up.

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  1. Yo! Nice flavor savor. I did another meet this weekend with USAPL. I dropped to a lower weight class. Cutting could have been funner. I need to squat more but that is going to happen eventually. I PR’d in the squat, bench and I came within 5 lbs of my all time DL record, all at a lower weight. Think I might stick around the 181’s and see what happens. Take care, bro.
    These are all second attempts. I failed my thirds. Got a bit greedy me thinks.

    I like the VS Lifting shoes. I rock the same pair. Glad you had a kick ass meet. Interested in seeing how the lower weight class continues to go for you.

  2. When you mentioned about the axe I was expecting you to say that the limbs of a missing swim team member had been found in the pool.

    So I guess I’d like a video on practical dismemberment. With axes. On people.

    I should clarify that I can’t kill/have sex with/dismember anyone in these vids.

  3. Videos of you chopping the tree down.

    Ha this does not exist. I guess I can make one happen.

  4. Videos of your favorite mob(s).

  5. This Jefferson guy would like a vid of you injecting steroids (post #222):


    The debate begins a few pages back. A whole cadre of guys are accusing Chris, Justin, and you of being on steroids.

    Bunch of weak, beta-male bitches.

    I wish you never linked that to me. I cried reading it.

  6. hey theneckguy – nice staches. Can you guys have a Dalton/Roadhouse night and all go as Roadhouse characters. I would probably do that every day.

    As far as vids it would be great if you did a series about your setups for each lift and highlight any tips/tricks etc. I’m always interested in how guys do their lifts and what quirks/tips/enhancements they have to offer. Just my $.02.

  7. looking forward to the bench set-up video

  8. Fuck Yes! Inside scoop on the football team. This shit needs to be on ESPN. If not played on loop at Landrum and the RAC at a minimum. I would like to see arm wrestling videos of students vs football players. Loser of each match has to shave their head on the spot on camera. Also any video of hot chicks would be nice. One more, videos of the best pool scence when it gets warmer. When I was there Campus Club pool was like spring break every Friday, now I am sure that place is a shit hole. Hope you don’t live there…..

  9. (no stalker) are the guys in this vid on the football team as well?

    Ha its cool mane. The big one in the back is Elliot (roommate) and he used to play football at Elon. The one in the front is David. David used to play baseball in college.

  10. Its always the guys who never see progress in strength or size accuse everybody else that they are on steriods. This happens all the time at work, especially the drunk ones.

    AC, I would like to see a video of you doing Norm’s shoulder workout, while guzzling fake DBol pills and listening to kenny loggins’ danger zone. Whoomp, there it is.

  11. I was promised a video about David. I want to know more about David.

    Next time he is in town it will be done

  12. A.C. Real talk:

    I haven’t been following you long enough to know too much about you, and also I’m not a stalker (though i DID find the 3rd football video with the dude shitting naked, which is a clutch move if you’re showering immediately after).

    I gather you are on a S&C staff for said university. Is there more or less to this story? Is it an internship? a full time posish? It’d be interesting to hear more about it.

    My real question is, when I google videos of S&C programs in universities, rarely do i find videos of athletes using forms that the 70sbig/SS and the like groups tend to believe in. For example, lots of nasty looking power cleans, half squats, bench lacking lockouts, etc. When you are someone who values good form that utilizes the most efficient ways to maximize strength gains, how do you step into a position on an S&C staff and watch bad form go down? My first instinct would be to never even hint at questioning a head S&C who most likely has been there for several years and coaching for even longer…so i’d keep my mouth shut and show some respect. But is it also bad to not say anything when the athletes look like a bunch of monkeys fucking a football in the weightroom?

    Not sure what your S&C program is like where you are now, but if it is like this/is not, do you have any comments on this subject?

    i have another “no homo” type of question but i must choose my words carefully so i will get back to you sometime in the future.

  13. AC, I just saw the “beat this” video, dude I was rollin for half an hour. I could never pull that off. Freakin awesome

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