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Update: Some one has searched “Pussy Squat” in the search function. I really am curious to the context of that lol.

Here is a recent Press video. It’s 245×3. Whenever you train for meets you don’t really Press much, but I have had time to Press lately since the surgery. I didn’t really Press until a few weeks ago cause my butt hurt. Trying to press 275 before the next meet.

I’ll update the post later cause I gotta go back to Ironworks so here is a picture of Bane

Here is a sweet glimpse of Normans new press. I call it the Norman Press. It really hits the delts and hips in a way that only the sexy latino heat can do. We only tried a few sets before the gym had to get flood insurance. Ya know, for all the bitches.

Squat: 395x5x3
RDL’s: 1555×3
Pendlay Rows: 195x5x3

Bench: 315x5x3
Press: 245×2
Dips: 90lbsx5x3

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  1. Legit press is legit. My upper body strength has always sucked shit so I find this particularly inspiring. Any suggestions for not sucking so much?

    Oh, and I dig the Wolverine chops you’ve got going on there.

    Time under the bar man and tech work man. That’s all I can really suggest. Justin did a post on press mechanics a while back. If you can find it I suggest checking it out.

  2. AC – question – when did you switch from your LP to TM(or a modified version)?

    A few months after my LP, then from there the TM was modified after a while.

    • Also nice press. I hope one day to wear big boy pants and get that weight.

    • Thanks AC. I think this fall I’m going to switch to TM and start eating like a hoss. The weight loss as far as body fat (thanks to your nutritional help) is going well right now, but I’m hungry to start hitting some new PRs.

  3. I find it more legit that you’re just blasting straight off your shoulders in this vid instead of giving it a little bounce before you press.

    For the first one? Cause I def rebound on #2.

  4. Is it gay that I have that photo of bane as my screen saver on my phone?

    Fuck no. That picture is my background.

  5. AC – for someone just transitioning into TM, do you think it’d better to stick with the more traditional press emphasis/bench emphasis plan?

    I’m noticing more training logs where folks are doing both bench and OH press volume and intensity in same week, though volume is tailored a little more carefully.

    Thanks for your input.

    I’d stick with the traditional for now. Most of the programs that you might be seeing are tailored for competitors. It’s so they can bench more often.

  6. AC do you have a specific method for picking warm-up weights/reps? Just curious how you warm-up to a 245 press, 500+ dead, etc. I’ve never really had a solid method for warming up.

    I usually take 50 pound jumps for deadlifts. For 500 I would go 135/225/315/405/500 then anything after that would be a 50 jump. For the 245 press I usually go about 20(+-). I went 135/165/185/205/225/245.

  7. “RDL’s: 1555×3”
    Wow, you´re fucking strong :mrgreen:

    Nice press video. I always use your videos as a reference when I need some technique pointers. The press is my weakest lift and I´ll try my best to improve it a good bit in the near future.

    Yeah my RDL’s are pretty legit.

  8. Normans press is legit, and you know the dude that walked in front of him was totally popping a bone dog over it. NICE.

    Tom Hardy is becoming my favorite actor. You notice how awesome he is every time you watch inception and I think the dude will be legit as hell as Bane.

    Ha there were waaaaay more people watching him. It was so awesome. Yeah I always thought Tom Hardy was a BA. Check out Bronson if you haven’t already.

  9. He’s yoked out as shit in Warrior too. Pretty decent flick.

  10. I ran that search. Thought I was on Tube8. This is embarrassing 🙁

  11. I love tube8, but only the straight section. Loving the purple people eater belt there AC

    Thanks mane. I strive to be different.

  12. Is the purple belt a tribute to Kaz?

    I didn’t even know he had a purple belt. It is my favorite color thats why I picked it.

  13. Holy shit, I am surprised you didn’t get flash danced( from the bitches on the treadmills above you. Careful, shit can get serious, quick, with moves like that.

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