Mobbing is the bee’s knees

Mobbed the piss out of my shoulders last night. Had a mash party with my bestie whilst watching Van Helsing. Hugh Jackman is real fuckin jacked. Did some shoulder work and mashed my scap/traps. Had a great bench day earlier today. I feel like the solid sleep and mobbing the night before really did some good.

In other news had a great weekend. Partied with my bro and some friends. The night before we went out, this asshole got so drunk he literally couldn’t move anymore (I was working). I was convinced he was dead.

The following night we all looked good as fuck when we went out. Little to say that the rug jacket didn’t make it out alive

These were two randos me and my bro took a picture with. Didn’t know who they fuck they were or where this picture came from. My brother is on the left. He is a doctor.

Squat: 455×6
Deadlift: 500×1
Rounded-Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Kneck Machine: 90lbs

Bench: 360×4 (Supposed to be a triple)
Close-Grip: 305x5x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

  1. Nice benching!

    AC, I notice that throughout most of your log, your deadlifting happens on intensity days. Did you ever try deadlifting on volume days? I’m going to be heading into intermediate programming pretty soon, and this seems to be a point disagreement between Mark Rippetoe and Justin.

    My total volume on volume days is about 6,450 lbs (not including the warm-ups) and the rough estimate for my intensity days is 2,025 lbs (again not including the warm-ups) so I think just by looking at the total volume alone is answer enough. Also I can’t squat after I pull heavy. My hamstrings are to fried. That’s why I always Squat before I deadlift. I also do a rotation for my squats and deadlifts so that I don’t go heavy for both of them on the same day. I don’t believe Rip has gone over something like that.

  2. A few years ago some friends of mine had a house where everyone would party, and this guy Justin would come with his girlfriend and get blackout drunk and she’d get pissed and leave, so one night when she left we did this:

    Bahahaha that dude looks dead

  3. “No Jean Shorts”?! What kind of un-American establishment is that?

    I don’t make the rules man. I just break them

  4. Things are all different! I DON’T HANDLE CHANGE WELL!!!!

    Trying it on for a while here

  5. haha no jorts…I would definitely not be allowed in.

  6. Awwww, the old college days, I remember some of those days.

  7. Drink of Choice?

    vodka sprite and or vodka redbull/multiple jagerbombs

  8. Straight beer. The other stuff makes your clothes fall off.

    I only get one or two nights a month to go out so I let em fly

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