My Buddies . . .

Update: This Mobb video is for Kincain

This here is Skyler. He is the Assitant Director of Strength and Conditioning here at Georgia Southern. He has been getting substantially stronger throughout the semester. As a former baseball player, pitcher I believe, he has been kicking some ass in the gym. He can also walk on his hands, which is way cooler than my gay dancing abilities.

Here is another buddy of mine, his name is Taylor.

This little bastard is strong as shit. he can probably pull more than you, weighing 160, than you at 200. Here is his 435×3

(If it’s sideways give it a second to change)

I got some strong friends. Stronger and funnier than yours.

Bench: 305x5x3
Press: 215×2/235×3
Dips: 45lbsx5x2/45lbsx10

  1. Meh, it’s fine

  2. is that second video with Taylor at Georgia Southern’s gym? Just from that pic it dwarfs the college gym we had.

    It is Southerns gym yeah. The gym itself is huge, but the actual lifting area is incredibly underused, in that the layout is wasteful. Not much actual equipment.

    • Gotcha. It can’t be worse than Eastern Illinois’ uni gym. It’s awful.

      The one baller area is where the football players lifted, I occasionally slipped in there, bumper plates/deadlift platforms galore. It was glorious.

  3. Chances are you’re right about the stronger bit, but I’d venture to say we break even on funny.

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