“No time for fear, that comes later!”

My god . . .

The new batman series is without a doubt my favorite trilogy. I LOVE the villains. Bad guys have always had this allure to me. They get to put on these masks/face paint and be a totally different person. I can’t wait to see Bane in the new movie. I remember eating lunch with my dad after seeing The Dark Knight and he said to me “Dude, they have to put Bane in the next movie. There is no one else that would work.” The old bastard totally called it.

In other news. Work blows. Here is an example of my buddies and I livin it up working at a bar. They got me working 3 nights a week and I clean the bar during the day for extra cash. Very tiring.

Training is going good. It’s getting fun again. Questions/Comments/Concerns?
Squat: 405×5
Deadlift: 405×3
Rounded-Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Dumbbell Curls: 40×10/45×10/50×10
Neck Machine: All sidesx10x80lbs

Bench: 375×1/385×1/390×1 (Beltless)
Close-Grip: 315x3x2/315×6 (repped out)
Pull-Ups: BWx8x3

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  1. When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die…

  2. I will spend $10 to see it at the theatre.

  3. Question: have you ever had ,or others you coach, that one knee keeps buckling in on squats. I have this and trying everything on solving it, but it seems I can’t get the fucking thing out.

    I haven’t really seen one knee do it. How bad does it buckle? Have you tried some mobb wods yet?

    • Too bad. Yeah I have been doing different mob’s. Find out that it probably has to do with ankle and hip mobility, so I’m targeting that. But it is still a significant buckle and it is holding me back on real heavy sets. I can’t finish a rep when I don’t push the knee back out.

      I guess I’ll post a video sometime that has a better view of it but here is a fail from sometime ago, but the knee that buckles in (the right one) is not really visible. But I’m missing because I can’t get the right knee out in time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8nEemfoCSw

      • ok, I did the 10 minute squat test and I was in so much pain. That I probably know now that it is has something to do with my ankle flexibility.

  4. I don’t know if a trilogy has had better bad guy characters. Heath Ledger’s the joker was baller.

    Glad to hear you’re back to hitting it. A few questions, regarding your beltless bench, do you use the same belt that you squat in or do you use a canvas belt?

    Also, I finally ordered some WL shoes and can’t wait to start using them. This is a rookie question, but do you wear them for all of the lifts? I know some guys do/don’t wear them for deadlift, but what about everything else (press, bench, power clean, curls in squat rack)?

    Thanks man,

    I only did that bench today beltless because I forgot my belt. My roommate borrowed it and I left it on the table when I left. If I had brought it, then yes I would have used the same belt for all the lifting. You should use them for all the lifting. As far as the press/bench/pc is concerned you’re giving yourself more surface area and a better solid base to drive off of rather than lifting on rubber. Depending on your anthropometry some dudes like to pull in slippers or chucks. Real big time dudes don’t like to use them cause they have to pull the bar farther because of the sole of the shoe. In your case, the shoe will change your knee angle giving you more quad to pull from the floor.

    • If I can piggyback on this question… different belts for different lifts? I have a webbed nylon belt I use for everything, but have seen leather ones out there as well which I presume are for heavier loads and/or specific lifts. What gives?

      Also Vibrams are best for curls in the squat rack.

      The only limitation I know of with a Inzer (actual powerlifting belt) is that it is too bulky for oly lifts. Pretty sure they don’t make different belts for diff lifts and loads. Kinda universal. Does that answer your question?

      • It does. Thank you for being gentle. I figured that a lighter, more flexible belt would be used for quick stuff and the stiffer, bulkier ones for the other lifts. I may get a real big-boy PL belt when the weights start going up.

        Also is it just me or does Bane’s mask look like that gas mask thing that the CF guys use to simulate high altitude? I want one that directly injects Bourbon into my mouth all day.

        You need a pl weight belt now. I’ll never compare banes mask to a gay ass gas mask that has been packaged towards CF’ers.

    • God I hate to admit this, but I did lift in Vibrams…ugh…I’m sorry…good call J.T. We don’t have a crossfit gym even within 150 miles either, ugh I can’t believe I bought them.

      About a month ago I really started looking at lifting shoes after I started to have lower back problems. I put my heels up on two 10lb plates and squatted and was amazed how much easier it was on my hip flexors and to maintain/get into proper position at the bottom of the squat. I’m excited to get these in and start lifting in them.

      Thanks for the info AC.

      • Shoes and a belt were some of the best $$ I’ve spent on this lifting shit. It’s a game-changer. I found a pair of Do-Wins for 40 bones that were worn like once on a forum somewhere. That being said I do like barefoots for general wear, hiking, and walking, and they were my go-to shoes for lifting before I got real shoes.

        • Good to hear. I got a belt mid last year and I love it. I’m happy to finally get some WL shoes. I should hopefully have them tomorrow, I’ll model them around the house for the fiance until my next workout Friday, then let you know how it goes.

          Ha hope it goes well

  5. The Grey was legit. Thanks for the heads up on that. I may or may not of wanted to cry towards the end when he was reading the poem.


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