Two dudes hanging out

The image below is NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Thats my buddy Zach. We venture to the hot tub/Sauna pretty frequently to loosen up and stretch to get rid of some DOMS. Training is well. I pulled for the first time on Tuesday and I can’t tell you how excited I am to lift heavy again. Sore as shit from M/T btw. Been eating more and trying to get my weight up as well. The long road to recovery is upon me and I can’t wait to hate myself all along the way. For now, enjoy my sweet ass in the pic above.

Gonna go see Chronicle this weekend. I hope it doesn’t fucking suck. It got an 85% on so I suppose its awesome. Rotten is a pretty legit site. It usually is on point with how I rate and like movies.

Bench: 295x5x3
Press: 205×2/215×2/225×2
Dips: 25+(3×5)

Squat: 335×5/355×5/375×5
RDL: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 155x5x3
First time doing RDL’s and Rows in about a month


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  1. Zach is giving us a little fruitbowl there.

    Looking hard eh?

  2. This looks like the beginning of a scene from American History X, just with more color and less tattoos.

    probably looks like some gay pornos too

  3. What exactly are you doing to that wall? Like, what’s the purpose of being over there?

  4. Welp, my day went from normal to not normal real fast.

    I like this

  5. Odds are Stroup with masterbate to this, successfully. RACletes doing work, kinda…. Sauna still co-ed?

    Ha yeah the Sauna is still co-ed

  6. glad to hear you’re back lifting heavy. nothing wrong with two dudes swinging meat around getting swole.

    You god damn right theres nothing wrong with that!!!!

  7. Any advice for my squat. It’s jellydick weight but a PR for me. Go to the 1min mark to start set.

    Way too dark broski. Can’t really see anything

  8. How long until that pic is on the website that posted Justin in his speedo?

  9. it’d be amazing if this were like “planking” and you took pictures like this in different spots…like starbucks bathrooms, or the white house.

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