Couldn’t hate “According to Jim” any more than I hate myself

Update: New post cumming Thursday. A nice little story about me being awkward. Involves love, passion, women, and me saying God Dammit a lot.

I couldn’t think of a title for this and “According to Jim” just so happens to be on tv right in front of me. Jim Blushi is the un-funny member of that family.

Had a long fuckin week last week. Worked 3 nights and a few mid-days during the week. Made a good bit of money though. For anyone who doesn’t know, I Bounce at a bar here in Statesboro and my second job is cleaning that same bar and another one next to it during the day. It’s about 30+ hours a week depending on how late we get out at night. Very draining and very annoying. You really see how people are when they drink some loud mouth soup and are convinced that they are superman. No one ever fights fair (as in 1v1) and no one ACTUALLY fights. It’s always some pussy that blind-sides someone or some dick-hole running his mouth who isn’t gonna do anything about shit anyway. I deal with people who run their mouth all night. My response to them is “If you wanna fight’em tell his ass to come outside into the parking lot and let’s fucking do this”. They never do it because that would mean that they didn’t have ten of their friends to fight the guy for him. Sigh. Training makes everything alright though. Stress free with just about everything else.

This is a glimpse of what my nightlife is. It was taken before xmas break. I do cover at the door.

That’s my buddy Evan. He is about 6 foot 265. A rather large man.

In other news it was my G/F’s b-day two days ago. She turned 24 and she couldn’t be any prettier. Here is a pic of here that I took when she came to visit. She was eating cake and I told her to smile. Zoomed in all the way and took a bunch of pictures.

Squat: 185×5/215×5/235×5
Hang Cleans: 175x3x3
Rounded-Back Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 90×10/120×10/140×10
Kneck Machine: All sidesx10 with 60lbs

Bench: 360×1/365×1 (feet up)
Close-Grip: 285x3x3
Close-Grip/Push-Downsx10x3 (60/70/80)
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

  1. So do you actually have to hand out some beat downs from time to time, or are they all just talk? I imagine they’d be some fun to be had from flinging some clowns across the parking lot.

    Email me so we can talk about your bench

  2. 6′ 265lb ya that’s big boy status right there.

    I can’t wait until my metal legs come in and I go from 5’10” to 6’3″.

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