Let’s talk about my ass


For anyone that consistently checks, my ass is doing just fine. The swelling is going down and the incision has been scabbing over for the past few days. It still looks great in skinny jeans. I can sit just about normal now and I have been going back to the gym. Benched 355×1 with my legs on the bench and no belt. Wasn’t that hard, but it was awkward. Actually squatted Saturday too. Did 135x5x3. The stitches didn’t bother me at all. They are worse if I lean over to pick something up.

Glad to be able to lift again and glad to be back at school with my buddies

Speaking of buddies . . .

This here is Zach. He is a lineman here at Georgia Southern and he looks fucking awesome in that pic. I had to share. Zach is real fuckin funny and his sense of humor is real awkward, I like it. He looks like Burgess Meredith as the penguin, to me.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
(Should I do more than one post a week? Or just update the current one?)

Squat: 175×5/185×5/195×5
Hang Cleans: 70kx3x5 (Leaning over stretches my stitches)
Kneck Machine: Front/Back/Sidesx10x3 (60/60/60)
BB Curls: 90×10/110×10/130×10
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Bench: 285x5x3
Press: 185×2/195×2/205×2
Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10

Squat: 145×5/155×5/165×5 (Stitches felt ok)
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3
Neck Machine: Sides/Backx10x3 (40/50/60)
BB Curls: 90×10/100×10/110×10

Bench: 335×1/345×1/355×1 (Feet on the bench)
Close-Grip: 275x5x3
Dips: BWx10x3

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  1. updating the post fucks up my google reader! nah man, do what you want. Nice to hear that your anal integrity is restored, will you be doing the same program as prior to “the incident”?

    Most likely yes

  2. Glad your ass is mending itself dude. Just did my benching with the form adjustment you said about, and it was exceedingly hard – got a 5,5,4 in fact. However the squats were tough as well so I think it was one of those days where you just feel a bit rubbish. I’ll give it another go next sesh at the same weight and see what happens.

    Wait, so benching was harder? It shouldn’t be harder. Can you send me a video?

    • Will do dude. Next benching on Saturday so I’ll stick it up here or in a new post if there is one by then. As I say though, it was a pretty rough day so it could just be that. I also have a feeling I may have overdone the arch as I ended up with almost the top of my shoulders on the bench.

      I’ve never seen anyone over-do the arch. We will just have to wait till I get the video.

  3. The leg drive in the bench helped me some, but not as much as I’d hoped. I’m hoping that doing it more over time will drive it home to be what a bench should feel like, and then I’ll be doing it without thinking about it as much, and doing it with more force, and the bench will be better as a result. However, I can say that it helped my wife a lot – like as soon I showed her she noticed a difference and got a PR.

    When do you get your stitches out?

    Do you do any mobility work?

    I don’t know what the rest of your bench looks like so I can’t tell what’s going on, but the leg drive isn’t gonna just skyrocket your bench. If you could send me a video maybe I could help more. Glad it helped your wife. I get them out the weekend of the 27th and to answer your other question, yes. I do.

    • Lifting in a shitty commercial gym, putting a yoga mat over the (ordinary, slippery) bench surface helped me far more than any amount of breath control or leg drive.

      I mean, I’m still a bad bencher, but I don’t ever lose my arch on sets less than 6 reps.

      Also, enjoying the posts AC – I’m sure we all will read as many as you feel like doing.

      Most of the time a cotton shirt with some chalk on the shoulders and some chalk on your ass fixes that. Just don’t do it like a douche though. Carpeted benches are incredible if you can get your hands on one. Thanks brah.

    • I’ll see what I can do about getting my bench filmed. In the meantime, what angle works best for analysis?

      Probably from the side would be best

  4. At least one post a week minimum! So I can keep myself occupied at work. Don’t be afraid to post some more lifting videos either they get me excited (in a non-homo way) to lift.

    lol it will be a min before any exciting videos get put up. It will be a month and some change before I get back to where I was man.

    • Then i guess I’ll settle for just random videos.

      BTW, do you watch Justified? If not, definitely check it out. The new season started up last night.

      I might start doing some vids with some of my buddies here on the football team and no I don’t watch that show. I don’t watch a lot of TV and if I do I sleep through it. Colbert Report is about the only show I watch.

  5. Are you going to start doing neck harness work? or was that just for the hell of it.

    I started to do it because one of the Coaches in Ironworks (Student Athlete Gym) called me skinny after my haircut. I figure I’d get my yoke up and he won’t be laughing at my huge neck. They just have the neck machine, no harness.

    • I’m afraid to do neck work anymore. My neck is already 18″ and I’m 5’10”. Buying dress shirts that aren’t balloons is next to impossible.

      When I wear dress shirts I just look fat as fuck cause the kneck is awkward.

      • I had the same problem buying dress shirts for work, i started buying my dress shirts at Charles Tyrwhitt. If you catch them on sale you can get them for $35-40 + free shipping. Fully custom shirt (sleeves, neck, body, pocket/no pocket, french vs double button cuffs).

        I’ve been there, rather than buy a large or xl at Kohl’s/JC Penny’s that fits like your wearing bed sheets. A guy at work showed me these guys and I’ve bought several shirts from there. Really nice quality and customer service. Just make sure you know your measurements.

    • When I am sufficiently muscled as to need different clothes, I will probably explode with happiness.

  6. More posts=more entertainment for me. But you gotta do whats easiest for you. Nah’m Sayin?

    I was thinking to do one post for M-T and a post for Tr/F

  7. How long did that 135 squat take?

    It took me like 30 seconds to squat, all together.

  8. Filmed today’s benching. A mighty 77kg. Really had no idea that my arms jibbled about everywhere like that. Anyway, thanks for any tips you can give me dude.


    Your set up is sort of half assed. Have your read the bench chapter in Starting Strength? I just need to know so I can give you enough info or more.

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