Wasting my life away

As I sit here and play COD:MW3 wishing I had the balls to do this shit in real life/actually be my character in Skyrim I get a friend request on FB, by Vamshi. One of the few random dudes to message me and say he reads the blog before he sent his request. Props to this man. Not that this blog is a big fucking deal, cause it isn’t, just don’t expect me to accept the request if I don’t know you’re full name brah.

I have done a little bit of training since the surgery. Mostly upper body stuff. Benching with a flat back and feet up (I can’t put pressure on my ass). Worked up to a medium 335×1, then did some dumbbell shoulder shit again. Same as last Friday.


My buddy Norman is OFFICIALLY OUT of the military. He gave 6 years of his life and served on two deployments. Being pulled out of school twice to serve ‘Merica. He is the best training partner any lifter could ask for. He even tended to my wounds after the surgery.

Thats fucking friendship. His finger had to go ALL the way down the crack of my ass. First official time some one else’s finger has been down there (lady’s included). Not a fan of the finger in butt during bj’s. To each his own. Enjoy this video.

Anyways, heres what I have done this past week.

Bench: 275x5x3
Dips: BWx3x12
Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10
Push-Ups: 3×15

Leg Press: 45×10/90×10/135×10
Leg Curl: 45×10/70×10/90×10
(Leg Extension hurt too much)
Curls: 25×1-/35×10/45×10
Norman and I both tried to see who could hang the longest from the Pull-Up bar
A.C: 43 (Can’t breath cause shoulders go into neck)

Bench: 285×1/295×1/315×1/335×1
Pull Ups: BWx5x3
Same DB shit as last Friday

Bench: 225x5x5
DB Raises: 25×10/30×10/35×10
DB Side Lat: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Questions/Comments/Concerns/Skyrim — Ask away

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  1. skyrim: race, skills, arrow in knee?

    Orc: 2H, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Block-ish. You?

    • Red Guard: 2H, Heavy Armor, Block, and a goodie-two-shoes

      • ow, and werewolf ofc

        I dont really like being the lycan. Not as cool as I thought. What is the benefit of being a redguard?

        • Nothing I think, just looking like a bad ass 🙂

          Also thought it would be awesome in the long run but it’s just a quest and the wolf is not that strong to keep it, but it also looks bad ass.

          I stopped for a while playin skyrim and am now honing my skills on bf3.

    • Nord: 2H, Heavy Armor, Archery, Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Speech, Sneak, Thane of everywhere. /spoiler alert: You can stop being a werewolf eventually /spoiler alert/

    • I made up some crummy excuse to send my character (Khajiit assassin with knives and bows) on a mission to kill all the Orcs in Skyrim. Quite entertaining. As a homage to the guards, I tried to finish them all off with arrows to the knee.

  2. Norman stood up and told that teachin’ lady, “The only three letters I need to know are U, S, and A.”

    Are you on PS3 or 360?

    lol I’ve got a PS3. So does Lascek. A bunch of us usually play at night.

    • I’m on PS3 too, but I play Battlefield 3, I never ended up getting MW3.

      Battlefield has some killer sound effects. I enjoyed the ambiance that BF3 provided. That’s what MW3 lacks. I don’t feel like I’m in war.

  3. LeonidasfromSparta

    Well, at least you survived the operation. While I was being operated I actually woke up, and it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. I could not talk, and move, no matter how much I tried, while at the same time hearing what the doctors were saying. Thank God it ended in a couple of minutes (I fell again unconscious).
    Regarding Norman, I don’t think he’ll appreciate the fact that you told in teh internetz your “brokeback mountain” moments. Intimacy and everything else, you know…

    I actually thought about that. Like what would that be like. DID YOU FEEL ANYTHING?!?!?! Did your heart-rate spike? and Norman won’t care man. When you adopt the “Who gives a fuck policy” A.K.A. “WGAF”, then it doesn’t matter what you tell people. If they don’t like it then they can fuck off.

    • LeonidasfromSparta

      It was a horrible feeling my man. I was trying to tell the doctors that I was awake, but I had a tube in my mouth, (and even if I didn’t I couldn’t scream anyway). And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t move my fingers. I was actually feeling like a hard pinch when the doctor began cutting, but no major pain. And yeah my heart rate went through the roof not b/c of the pain but b/c I was afraid I would go through all the operation awake. A very humbling experience.

      That’s fuckin mind-blowing. I’ve always been curious as to what they do or how do they know if you wake up, if you’re paralyzed. Do they check vitals or what?

      • LeonidasfromSparta

        I don’t know honestly. If I had been on my back, probably they would have seen my eyes opened, but I was with my face down and slightly to the side of the bed. And yeah, there should be some kind of monitor where they saw my heart rate or something, but they didn’t seem to notice me awake.

  4. When you say you’re benching with your feet up, do you mean that you’re just holding them in the air, or are they sitting on the end of the bench? Just curious.

    They are propped up on the seat with my feet on the bench. I have very minimal drive and a flat back. The mechanics blow, but I work with what I got.

    • Do you have any tips on integrating leg drive into the bench? I’ve recently made a point to set up with my heels as far back as possible but my bench still feels like shit and I feel like I’m missing leg drive.

      • Yeah, I’d like some tips on that too. Also would you say your upper back is flat to the bench (relatively) or do you angle it so that it’s almost the top of your shoulders in contact with it? Thanks dude.

        I’ll answer both Harveys and your question here:
        Usually I do it by sight, but what you can do to help you figure out how to drive through the heel is set up on the bench and get a buddy to push down and forward on your shoulders to mimic the weight of the bar, THEN as he/she is pushing you drive through your heels. If it feels like you are not getting enough push, move your heels accordingly. That was a long-winded explanation and a long ass sentence, but thats what I usually do for people if they are confused on how to drive through the heel.

        When you set up try to think of your arch as an inverted-U. The two points of the U touching the bench are your shoulders and ass. As far as what touches the bench depends on how jacked you are. Most likely your whole shoulder is going to be on the bench, but thinking about your arch as the inverted-U overemphasizes the set up, in a good way. If that helps let me know. It would be way easier if I was ACTUALLY there. If I can explain more let me know.

        • That’s cool, thanks. I was concerned that I was meant to have my torso at a ninety degree angle to the force against the bar and that I was messing that up, but luckily I was wrong and you don’t need that anyway. Assuming I read that right.

          Tell me if that helped. Updates.

  5. Get better soon, A.C.
    I am going to be attempting to break a record in bench at 181 lbs at a meet in February, but I need to cut weight to do it. I walk at 190, any tips you could give on how to cut weight and stay strong would be great. Thanks again.

    So you need to lose the 9 pounds right? You’re going to have to inform me of your diet and most likely change how and WHEN you eat. Email me your diet and I can get on that as fast as I can. Acis70sbig@gmail.com

    • Ditto to that question. I was wondering the same thing, and was just getting ready to post a similar question, mine is lightly different.

      Although I’m not wanting to cut for a meet, I’m wanting to just get my bodyfat down (currently at 20% like to get to around 10-15%). I’m currently 5’10” and have been doing a LP for the past 6 months. In the beginning I ate like a mad man to get my strength up, now I want to cut some weight, I just recently started eating as clean as possible and pre-cooking everything. Should I just throw in a few days of moderate cardio (barbell or dumbell complexes, elliptical, etc?) or just keep doing what I’m doing and let the fat come off slowly?

      Thanks AC. Hope you get feeling better.

      It took 6 months to pack on that weight so it’s going to take a minute for it to shed off. Eating clean and cooking all of your food is the best way to start. It will come off with time. Email me your diet too and I’ll see what I can help with brah. Acis70sbig@gmail.com

  6. Hey A.C., no homo, but can you explain a bit more about your ass? I have a cyst right at the top of my ass crack that i’ve been told years ago does not need to be removed until it is a dire situation, if that makes sense… basically if i can deal with it, its not urgent to get it removed. It stays pretty tame for the most part, as long as I don’t do sit-ups, which is fine because i’m not usher. Occasionally it will become annoying if I am doing seated DB presses because the weight is driving my ass into the bench. Anyway, enough about my ass, what about yours? Is this something that you dealt with for a while but finally decided to get it removed or did it just appear rather recently and cause major issues?

    Thanks dude, my best wishes to your ass.


    It sounds like the same thing I was told. I had it for roughly 2 years and it would come and go and never got too big. After I a while it really started to frustrate me. It would stay longer as time went on, then drain. I figured well fuck I have had it for 2 years and thats long enough in my opinion to deal with a constant annoyance, so I got rid of it. The problem is that they can turn into an abcess and that can be an issue. I’d get rid of it bro. You wont regret it and thank you btw.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSDfxde8fSg&list=LLXW6gstEzzUFGHTNNUS9b1w&index=8&feature=plpp_video

    Skyrim joke on overuse of arrow to knee. Features super jacked nord bashing nerds.

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