Back into training just to stop again

Update #2: I actually went into the gym yesterday and benched and did some dumbbell exercises. Felt fucking great. I had to modify how I benched so I picked my feet up because of the pain I get from pressure on my ass.
Bench: 225x5x5 (legs off the floor)
Dumbbell Raises: 25×12/30×12/35×12
Dumbbell Side Laterals: 25×12/30×12/35×12
Dumbbell Curls: 25×10/30×10/35×10

Update: I’ll be posting a sweet pic of me in the hospital here shortly AND if you friend request me on FB you HAVE to tell me who you are So-and-So from the comments. I don’t know all your names.

Enjoy that little tid bit. Me at my all time weakest. I feel like a gordon-fuck.

This was my first attempt at 600. It was after my Euro-Trip and it was my only shot to give 6 a chance before my cyst surgery (Which takes a min to recover from). I wanted to show you guys this because I want you to see the difference between this attempt and the next one, when I fucking crush it.

Hit up Quest Athletics courtesy of my buddy Brooks last friday. Squatted with some good strong dudes. I was extremely impressed. The caliber of lifter that Quest has/produces is incredible. A great bunch of guys.

I have to get a cyst removed from my upper buttocks area on Wednesday. It’s gonna be another bump in the training, but whatever. I assume I’ll have stitches and I am not even sure if I can lift with them in. FML.

On a lighter note a buddy of mine came into town for the holidays and his name is Ben (If you saw the Seal Training vid that’s also him). I’ve known him since high school and he is a crazy mother-fucker. Incredibly fun to hang out with. One of those guys that literally does anything to make you laugh. He is currently a Navy Seal and he took me and another friend, Evan, shooting last week. Again, I was so fucking impressed.

He shot the tips of the fingers one by one, then sprayed the target right in the fucking face. This all occurred at 25+ feet away.

Btw I am not a big fan of the spicy chicken from Chic-Fil-A. Just ruins it.

Bench: 370×3
Close-Grip: 315×3/325×3/335×2
Pull-Ups: BWx5x5

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  1. Sorry to hear you need surgery. Where’s the SEAL training video? Didn’t see it in your Vimeo page.

    It’s on the youtube page homie. Don’t be sorry. I’m the one who scheduled it.

  2. I think the spicy chicken deluxe with no tomato is really good, what do you get there? that is all I have ever tried.

    What prompted the haircut?

    Was it a pilonidal cyst?

    2 chicken sandwiches (No Pickle), an 8 count, and a large water. Every single time. I was tired of having long hair man. It’s a pain in the ass ALL THE TIME. You have to worry about it looking good throughout the whole day. It is a pilonidal cyst. It’s right where the pressure is when I sit so its bothersome.

  3. cyst, argh, nasty shit. Get well soon man

    been watching some ‘surviving the cut’ stuff on youtube, Ben must be one awesome motherfucker

    Yeah I go in tomorrow morning, thanks man. Ben is pretty fuckin awesome. Top 7 best friend of mine.

  4. AC,
    Smart move on having the cyst removed. Having suffered through a pilonidal cyst that became a problem it is just best to get it out of the way. You are strong as fuck anyway, so a week off won’t fuck shit up.

    Believe me you can’t train with it if it becomes a problem. Or sit down, or shit. Or give yourself strangers… well you can do the last part.

    Keep kicking ass BRA hope all goes well.

    I lol’d at the “stranger” part. So subtle. I might be able to bench and pull still. Depends on the ROM I have with the stitches.

  5. LeonidasfromSparta

    AC, I wish you a fast healing. But I’m afraid you’ll be off training for more than a week, as it takes more time for the stitches to be removed, and it will take its time to heal properly (it’s still surgery). But it’s for the best. It literally is a pain in the ass (I had one too, and surgery was the best decision).

    My friends dad had a hip replacement and he was scheduled to walk again in without the help of crutches/walkers in 8 weeks. He used a pimp cane on the way out of the hospital and was walking the next day. I’ll see what I can do with the ROM I have. Apparently these are real fuckin common.

  6. Quest is an awesome gym! My first training experience ever was there 10+ years ago. Sherman is a great guy and friend.

    Impressive shooting the finger tips by your friend. Were you using a Glock 19?

    You going to be able to bounce with an additional hole in your ass?

    It was a Springfield XD9. Ha I probably can’t bounce like this, you’re right. I’ll have to be a good talker.

  7. Sucks about the surgery, glad your getting it done though, I positive you’ll be back hitting the strangers in no time.

    I can’t wait man. You have no idea.

  8. I have a slight feeling you gave up too fast on that 600, you’ll get it for sure next time.

    I was slow off the floor when I was warming up and it only got worse as the weight increased. My low back was weak. It started to round right when I pulled. Theres no coming back from that. If I got it another inch or two higher I could have fought the rest of the way.

  9. bahahaahahahahaahhahaha that balloon pic made my day.

    I hope you ass heals up quick. You’ll crush that 600+lb pull no problemo.

    I like to think I am funny.

  10. I actually developed a cyst from laughing at the photo of you holding a balloon because you have a cyst.

    I can give you a heads-up of how shitty your ass is gonna feel.

  11. great photo. hope you recover soon.

    Thanks man. I’ll be back soon enough.

  12. I remember the video when you first crushed 500, now you’re two chicken sandwiches and an 8 piece away from crushing 600! I think you should look into becoming a Chick-Fil-A sponsored athlete.

    Do they sponsor people? If they do I highly doubt they will sponsor a non-christian/non-handicap agnostic fat powerlifter.

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