First off, this is Poland’s national anthem listen to it while you read.

As some of you may or may not know I have a girlfriend named Agnieszka Ciesielska and she lives in Poland. Earlier this August she came to visit my until the end of September. It was roughly seven weeks of her and I being good looking together. I told her I would return the favor and visit her in Poland this X-mas break. My flight was the 15th of December and it was a 7 1/2 hour plane ride to Amsterdam, then a 1 1/2 flight to Warsaw (Warszawa) which is the capitol of Poland. Agnes, along with her mom and sister, greeted me at the Airport. We met with a big hug and an even bigger kiss. We held up the line behind me. I didn’t give a fuck, except when I turned around and I was literally holding up everyone. It was everything I could have expected when I saw her again. She is beautiful. Big ass. Tatted up.

We got back to her parents house and I unpacked and then proceeded to pass out for 3-5 hours.

The first day was a blur because I was busy having muscular thick thighs. Her parents took us to a place called “Old Town“. I believe it was what was left of the city after WW2 and it was rebuilt. I enjoyed it. The architecture was interesting due to the fact that the city was fortified. It was cool to see the various points as to where it would be protected. Agnes, myself, and her parents went into a bar and started to do what all European people do well, drink beer. I myself am not a big beer drinker and I was taken back by the GIGANTIC mugs they serve the beer in. Before I even went on the trip I kept hearing about this juice they put in the beers. It can be all sorts of flavors raspberry, peach, etc. It was actually pretty fucking delicious. I thought I would be a total homo if I drank it, but it turned out to be pretty alright.

After a few days in Warsaw Agnes’ parents put us in a hotel in Kraków. We got up real fucking early to get on a train that took us there. The train ride was 4 hours. First off, if anyone trains hard they know their legs get big and that it’s a pain in the ass to go anywhere. I am not huge by any standard, but I do have big legs. The train was like a roller coaster that WAS 4 HOURS LONG and just shook violently instead of going through loops. I felt like Leslie Neilson in Wrongfully Accused after he got out of the hydraulic car (Here is the link to get the reference 1:40). We got settled in at the hotel and then went site seeing in Krakow. The city was badass. All the shit was real old and pretty. We ate at a traditional Polish restaurant that was in a basement. All the walls were brick and it was cool going down two flights of stairs to the restaurant. It was even cooler when I had to spider-man my way down through the staircase, which was apparently meant for people short than 5″2 because I banged my head on the ceiling. By no means am I considered tall, but still, C’mon! During the dinner Agnes and I had some QT time and after we went back to the hotel. At the hotel we shared our first “Look, I gotta take a dump experience”. The bathroom was centimeters away from the bed, the room was small.

The next day we took a bus to Zakopane, which was 3+ hours. It is a mountain town, which has a dialect of its own, it lies at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. We got there pretty late so we just walked around the city and did some sightseeing and eating.

(Yes I am great with public speaking. You don’t have to tell me.)

The following day Agnes’ parents drove up and took us to a town a little further than Zakopane called Male Ciche. It was fucking cool. I hadn’t seen snow in a few years, considering I live in south Georgia. I loved every second of it. We did some sight seeing and some snowboarding. I’ll tell you something right now. Just cause you longboard DOES NOT mean you will be a good snowboarder. I busted my ass every 2 fucking feet. I hurt my left wrist, jammed/fucked up my right thumb, and twisted both my knees in ways that they shouldn’t twist. Norbert (Agnes’ stepdad) rode down several times by the time it took my to go down once. One time he was laughing at my as he rode above me in the ski lift. He is a real funny dude. I felt demoralized. It was fucking frustrating. Especially when you land on fucking ice. Later that night, we went to a place called Terma Bania. It’s like a indoor/outdoor spa. They had several different pool areas and outside hot pools. They had an area that you could get out of the hot pool and run around in snow, then jump back in. It felt like burning.

Finally, I was on my last day in Poland. It consisted of driving for 10 hours back to Warsaw or at least we were in the car for roughly 10 hours. We went to a work party that Agnes was invited to, due to the fact she fucking works there. I think we were both tired at this point so after an hour or so we went to pick up Norberts kids and chilled at the house for the night. I played some PS Kinnect with Caroline (She is 9) and beat her fucking ass at every game, except the swordfighting one. Her spastic childish movements were better than my attempt at precise sword play. Caroline was real cool. She was an energetic little girl that really grew a liking towards me and was actually upset when I left. I’ll miss her. I couldn’t have had a better time with better people. Her family really treated me like I was one of them. I am grateful for they experience they gave me. The next morning I packed my shit and went back to the airport. Made it to Paris. MISSED my god damn connecting flight. Had to stay an extra day. Fucking sucked. Overall I spent 43 hours traveling in one week. It’s pretty tiring. Did I mention that I sat in a seat for 43 HOURS!?!?!?!?!

Things I learned/Observed:
– There is an impressive amount of Asians in Poland
– Everyone has long femurs, most everyone
– The biggest meal is traditionally in the middle of the day
– For Breakfast and Dinner they eat sandwiches (One piece of bread and some toppings)
– Driving in Poland is fucking cool. Everyone is real aggressive. I liked it
– I miss my Girlfriend
– Pierogi is a dumpling that I’ll never eat again after that vacation
– Everyone tries to get to where they are going AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE
– People look at you funny if you aren’t skinny and have long hair

Some one asked to see what she looks like so bam and yes I was absolutely drunk.

Went into the gym to feel around, basically. Traveling took it outta me.
Squat: 440×5/425×3/410×3
RDL’s: 220×5 (Legs were already pretty shaky at this point. First vol day back)
Pendlay Rows: 220x5x3

Bench: 315x5x3
Dips: 75x5x3

Squat: 500
Deadlift: 365×5
Round-Back Extensions: BWx10x3

Bench: 345/365
Close-Grip: 295x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx5x3

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  1. Haha, awesome christmas story! Was expecting a lot of Vodka drinking games/stories in which losing would mean losing a bodypart, but this will do 🙂

    I drank at least 5 straight shots of vodka with every meal. It’s what they do when they have guests. Ha they don’t play games. They just drink.

  2. I’m glad nobody cut your achilles tendon while you were there.

    It was fucking killing me during my snowboard episode.

  3. good writeup.
    long-femured polak, checking in.

    Do you actually have real long femurs too?!?

    • they’re long enough that I can’t front squat or do the oly lifts. I LBBS no problem, not sure about high bar. no olympic lifting for me though 🙁

      relevant video, not sure if you’ve seen it: http://youtu.be/CsIkD9IvcZc
      there’s 6 videos in total.

      I actually have seen that. Some bad ass shit in there. I wish it was more acceptable to wear a singlet all the time, in America.

  4. Man, I love snow. That’s sounds awesome, and I would LOVE to drive anywhere in Europe!

    …so no pictures/video of the beautiful Agnes??


  5. LeonidasfromSparta

    I’ve been to Poland. A very nice country. Locals told me that the old city has been rebuilt brick by brick exactly as it was before the Germans bombarded the town.
    Regarding aggressive driving, well you haven’t been to Albania. That’s aggressive.
    By the way Merry Christmas.

    I essentially heard the same thing. What did you do in Albania? Merry Xmas

    • LeonidasfromSparta

      Well, I actually am from Albania (not from Sparta, sorry to dissapoint, even though I try to keep my life as Spartan as possible).
      Essentially, everybody here thinks of traffic signals and signs as “suggestions” and not rules, and drive like there’s a life and death situation every hour of the day. The only good thing in this, is that you become a potential candidate for a Formula 1 driver :).

      That not only sounds exciting, but incredibly dangerous lol

  6. Solid trip. How was banging in the -10 weather? How’d did a RAClete meet such a girl?

    Way too cold to pull my weiner out in -10. I’m not that dedicated. I don’t lift at the RAC anymore. I haven’t for almost the whole semester. We met through a mutual buddy of mine, Taylor. She actually started talking to me. Not the usual guy meets girl.

  7. What’s your diet like these days, AC? I don’t think I’ve seen any info on it since your gomad days.

    Honestly I just eat a lot. Chic-fil-a is the backbone of my diet. I supplement with 2-3 shakes a day as well. Not too serious with the dieting. Mainly meat.

  8. I’m so proud that you finally drank beer. Figures that it took a pretty face to convince you.
    And what the hell is that dude next to you? Doesn’t look Polish.

    I have drank beer for a while now. I semi-enjoy Dos Equis Amber. It’s tolerable for me. That was an older pic I threw in there. He is Philippino and Caucasian named Carlton.

  9. Long femured polak checking in. I could eat pierogies and varying forms of cabbage at every meal, given the opportunity.

    I’d rather kill myself

  10. Great write up, glad to hear you had a great trip. Definitely need more pics of the trip posted.

    What does Agnes do (work wise)?

    She works at a company that organizes business meetings. They hold the venue for various businesses to come and talk and do deals. So she sets up the meetings between the two and organizes it. Its time consuming, but she said she enjoys it.

  11. Judging by that pic, if Carlton grew a beard, we would look like brothers.

    He can only grow that beautiful chin hair you see.

  12. Is that Gwyneth Paltrow and Joey from Friends in the first picture?

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