Kocham Cie Agnieszko VS 2.0

I came across a movie called “The Karate Dog” today. It’s incredibly awesome. Dirt Nasty, Chevy Chase, John Voight, and several other actors are in it, which is surprising. It’s terrible, but for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I think Dirt Nasty is a very under-rated comedic actor. He reminds me of a younger Leslie Nielson, like the totally oblivious hero-type.

I’ll be flying to Poland this Thursday around 5 and I won’t be posting for the next 11-ish days or so. Not that anyone gives a fuck besides the consistent three fellas that post comments on here. From the 15th to the 24th I’ll be spending some QT with my lovely girlfriend in Europe. Just me and her being awesome. Never been to Europe so I assume everyone is going to try to Rob/Kill/Rape me. That’s why I am going to walk around with my fists clenched while I am there. Hopefully Agnes will be ready to ride on them haters if some fool tries something. She is a bad bitch. I’ll let you guys know how awesome it is to bone outside in negative temperatures.

My hamstrings are not giving me enough pop on squats. I may be putting too much tonnage on them with the RDL’s. I might lower the weight on RDL’s and do less and see if that produces a better result.

Squat: 510×3
Dynamic Effort Deadlift: 275×2/On the min/10 min
Dumbbell Curls: 45×8/50×8/55×8

Bench: 375×3 (EZ)
Close-Grip: 330×3/335×3/340×3
Pull-Ups: BWx5x5

  1. If I were you I’d watch some movies to give you a better and more balanced view of Europe before you go over. Try maybe Hostel, I hear that’s quite an accurate representation of Poland.

    Thanks man. I’ll go rent those tonight! Can’t wait to get an un-biased view of how it really is.

  2. then from us to you:

    • if you go past amsterdam, I’ll buy you a beer

      You’re link didn’t work. Are you in Amsterdam?

      • ah too bad, it was a youtube clip. Yeah I’m born in raised in the Netherlands and I live in Amsterdam at the moment.

        The layover in Amsterdam is only an hour. If it were longer we could chill. Who knows. It might be longer due to delay. Hit me up on gmail so I can let you know.

  3. Have an awesome trip! Don’t stick your junk to a frozen pool

    What the hell do you do in your spare time?

  4. If you wear these you should be safe: http://americanflagshorts.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/American-Flag-Pants.jpg

    That’s the only thing I packed.

  5. I give a fuck. I came back hoping that it would only be a week, but I see that I have to wait 4-ish more days 🙁

  6. LeonidasfromSparta

    Guys, I don’t think AC ever made it back…

  7. Gentlemen, I got a call from my Black Ops buddies out in Poland. A.C. has been taken into the underground and has been sold for his body. Currently, he is being molested by old women and goats. We need to raise money to buy him back so that he can continue his post. Thanks

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