3 weeks

Super busy school week.

Ran a 5k Saturday morning. It was the Savannah bridge run. I literally had no training for it at all. Coming from a complete Anaerobic standpoint it wasn’t that bad gas wise. My legs burnt quickly because the first mile+ is a 10% grade uphill. It was more of my joints and achilles that were the issue and maybe because I did volume squatting the night before. They weren’t used to the stress of moving a 220 pound asshole. Overall it was a huge waste of time. If it wasn’t for a grade I would have never done it. I was actually angry the whole time. Every time someone yelled “YEAH C’MON YOU AN MAKE IT!” from the side of the road I thought to myself, “Go fuck yourself, Fuck you.” Took an ice-bath. I hurt. Finished it in 44:14. Not too bad considering I haven’t ran for two years nor did I attempt to train for an uphill 5k. I still beat a good amount of people and come Tuesday I’ll squat more than everyone on that bridge. No one gives a shit about your 5k time.

Squat: 435×5/420×5/405×3
RDL’s: 330×5/330×3
Pendlay Rows: 185x5x3

Bench: 315x5x3
Dips: 65x5x3

Did this in like 45 min. Had shit to do for the rest of the day. Limited lifting time. Rotating singles and triples on heavy squat days.
Squat: 525×1 (7 out of 10)
Deadlift: 315x5x2
Barbell Curls: 90×10/110×10/130×10

Bench: 370×3
Close-Grip: 315×3/325×3/330×3
Rope Pull-downs/Push-downsx10/8/6
BW Pull-Upsx5x5

  1. Are you in school full time?? How do you juggle school, gym, work?

    I just started school again and I am finding it difficult to time manage school, gym, work. Especially now around finals

    It’s not easy, but you will find the time for it all. Time management doesn’t come quick.

  2. How are you liking rope pull-downs for triceps work? I’ve been doing skullcrushers, but maybe I’ll rotate rope pull-downs in if they’re good to do.

    I literally do them to catch a pump and that’s about it. I get my tricep work from the close-grip. Gotta look good without a shirt.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqVkCC1O4Hs

    Major props. I fucking dig it.

  4. hey A.C.,

    Question about your curls, bro. What is the thought process between the three work sets being spaced so far apart in weight load with the same reps for each? I understand pyramiding weight because as the weight goes up reps go down so all sets are “tough” sets… But in your case is your first set of curls more or less a warm up being only about 70% of your last set? I’ve seen dudes do this on other exercises as well, always been curious what it accomplishes.


    Dude, they are curls. Don’t think so much. All I did was increase 20 pounds per set because I use the kilos near the rack. I guess you could say I accumulated volume by doing 3×10, but again they are curls. Not important.

  5. What does 7 out of 10 mean?

    The level of difficulty.

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