Couldn’t be more tired

I’ve said before that I help coach/intern/lift at Ironworks every week. This past Monday the baseball team maxed out on Squats. It was tight. There were some good lifts in the low 400’s and most of the guys at least hit in the 300 range. The energy was high and I really enjoyed watching the guys lift. Some fellas in there have a lot of potential to be great lifters. I give a lot of them credit for the training they do. Each guy consistently works hard. It’s impressive.

I offered my belt to a friend on the team and he was looking sharp in my purple belt. A few other guys wanted to know why you should wear a belt, so I started to explain to one guy the importance of one and I started to stumble over my words. It was like a scene from a movie where I am talking like a buffoon and slowly one by more people poke their heads in to pay attention. I got out the explanation eventually, but it could have been more fluid. SMITH.

My roommate introduced me to a show named Community. You should check it out if you give a shit. It’s actually really funny a few episodes into season one.

Squat: 435×3/420×3/405×3
RDL’s: 310×5
Pendlay Rows: 200x5x3

Press: 265×1
Dips: 45lbsx5x3

Truck Push: 3 Pushes/2 Min rest/50 Yards
Truck weighs roughly 5000 pounds

Squat: 495×2/505×2
Dynamic Pulls: 275×2/On the min/10 min
Barbell Curls: 90×10/110×10/130×8

Press: 205×2/215×2/225×2
Close-Grip: 315x2x3
Pull-Ups: BWx5x5
Push-Ups: BWx15x3

  1. Troy and Abed are hilarious. Especially their fake morning show.

    JW what other workouts do the baseball players focus on AC?

    Currently they Squat on Mondays and Bench on Wednesdays. They also have some RDL’S/Power-Cleans and various other hammstring stuff tied in with some Body-Building type exercises. It’s pretty simple. Right now they aren’t in season so they are trying to get as strong as possible.

    • Nice. Our coach in baseball was worthless…I wish we focused on those workouts.

      The assistant director was formerly a pitcher and he felt jipped that he didn’t train (at least not his upper body) for strength back when he played.

  2. If you need another reason to watch Community besides AC’s recommendation, google image search Alison Brie.

  3. AC,

    Whats going on bro? I am very intrigued, what kind of 4 day split do you follow? I noticed you squat either dynamically on the first squat day, or sometimes with more intensity, then the second day you follow a more standard 3×5/3×3 approach. Care to dive into some general guidelines or more specifics if your up for it? I only ask because I was considering doing a 4 day split, but cutting squatting down to two days a week. Thanks, take care.

    It’s not taken from a specific program. It is just what has evolved over time between Justin and myself. I squat Tuesday/Friday. Tuesday is my Intensity day. I rotate 1’s/3’s/Speed each week on that day. The following Thursday is just my Volume day. So the rotation occurs only on that Tuesday. If you want more info just email me at

  4. AC, if you like community, you should check out The guy from Community is on that site and they have some hilarious skits you should check out.

    He has a stand-up on comedy central that I really want to see. I need to find it

  5. Remix of one of my favorite new songs:

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