Fun Meet, eh?

Meet was real tight. Had two competition PR’s and overall had a blast. Made me want to do more.

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  1. So what were your numbers and where did you place? Nice job on the meet, the videos are awesome. Take care.

    540/370?/580? I honestly don’t know exactly what they were cause they were kilos, but thats what I believe I hit. I got first.

  2. It’s cool how your Dad goes with you to these.

    It’s pretty tight to see him amped up after I lift. I’m lucky.

  3. enlightenedsnipe

    Sweet vids dude, congrats on the great meet!

    Thanks brah

  4. beast mode activated

    I cried.

  5. RAClete representin’ Awesome comp.

  6. holy shit. I can only hope to be as strong as you one day.

    All you need is time under the bar. That’s the only reason I have come as far as I have. Lot’s of work.

  7. Good job A.C. on hitting some new meet P.R.’s. I know we had talked about what you are thinking about when training to be able to keep improving on your numbers. I see you get emotional before lifting especially at meets, what is going through your mind then? I really need some way to channel some inner strength when I lift at meets. My last meet I was flat and didn’t have any power.

    I saw your vid. I listen to songs that make me sad, honestly. I think of some sad, fucked up, shit. Email me if you still want to know more, I guess.

  8. Congrats man, you´re always an inspiration to me! Not to sound too bromantic or anything but I often watch your videos before I train to get amped up for lifting.

    Any time I can help I feel satisfied man. Glad I can amp you up.

  9. Well done AC! I was supposed to be at this meet fo my first outing, but decided to injure my glute instead because I’m an idiot. Your lifts were awesome man. Keep up the good work, you inspire me to keep at it.

    Thanks brah. Mob that glute up and take care of it.

  10. That shit rocked.

    It was fun man. That’s the important part.

  11. Solid lifting man, congrats on the PR. I have a question about your programming if you don’t mind me picking your brain. I have paid attention to your log for a bit so i am going on what i have seen and assuming that you started with the traditional Texas Method template. When did you switch from straight sets across to the three descending sets of 5 and what prompted the change? Thanks man.

    I changed it earlier this year. I tried different volume to see if it produced different results. I found for myself that slightly reduced volume helps me perform on Intensity days.

  12. Nice lifting.

  13. I dont check your log very often, but I’m glad I did. This was really impressive, you are a really strong lifter. Can’t wait to be as strong as you some day. Love the energy to, keep it up man, stay strong.

    I don’t blame you. My log sucks. Thanks for the check-in the buddy. You’re the man.

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