Zach Lonas has huge lats

“I have huge lats”
Zach Lonas

I read the comments from the post on Monday related to training women and I thought it was hilarious. I have always loved how Justin is literally ALWAYS trying to help and that some people react so explosively to certain subjects that he writes. He speaks from experience and it’s not subjective. If Justin Lascek is anything, it’s not subjective. His rant on the FB is fucking gold if you haven’t seen it yet. The girl who commented is obviously butt-hurt about nothing. She said “Who the fuck has cried after failing a lift?! Are you fucking serious?!”. I lol’d at this because I HAVE CRIED AFTER FAILING A LIFT. I have actually cried several times before AND after lifting. We all have a passion for lifting and improving ourselves and sometimes when we fail it can get emotional. So many of us have intense vigor for lifting. It’s not a big deal.

Had my first day at Ironworks today. It is the training center for the athletes at Georgia Southern. They obviously can’t keep up with the RACletes so they put them away in the corner of the campus. All the coaches in there are EXTREMELY nice. I have a lot of respect for those guys already. They seem to have a good grasp on programming and coaching. It’s going to be a great experience.

I fixed up a tennis players RDL this morning as well. His stance was really wide and he was doing a very awkward motion for the pull. I gave him some cues to think about (Break at the knees, Push hips back) and he did them perfectly from there on out. After he was done with the set he said to me “I have been doing those for a while and I never felt my hamstrings until now.”

Changing the world, two hamstrings at a time.

Squat: 445×3/430×3/415×3
Pendlay Rows: 200×3/220×3/240×3
BW Pull-Upsx10x3

Press: 240×5 (I wish I recorded this. It was a god damn joke)
Bench: 315x5x3

Deadlift: 580×1
Squat: 275×2/On the min/10 min

Press: 185×5/205×5/215×5 (Accidentally jumped to 205, then I said fuck it and made another 10 jump
Close-Grip: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Push/Pull-Downs: 3×10

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  1. RACletes? Is that a type of cheese?

    The student gym is the RAC. All the billy badass’s are RACletes. Those guys can curl a lot.

  2. Does Ironworks have fake trees inside like the RAC? As a former RAClete I always enjoyed watching people bust ass on the high dive that is visable from the platform.

    Lol no man. Ironworks does not have trees. I prefer to watch the swim and dive team do their thang.

  3. A.C. in da house. When you do your close grip, how far in do you place your hands? Do you follow the same set up and position as your bench? I follow the same as I would bench but place my hands at about shoulder width.

    I place them about three and a half inches closer than my bench and I do use the same set-up.

    • Cool, so I will bring them in a little more, thx bro.

      I go right about where the knurling stops. Depends on how long your arms are too. It’s basically my press grip.

      • Ok, that’s where I have been placing my hands. Today PR’d on deadlift with 315×5, 365×3 and 405×1. With that, I have become a young adult. My balls dropped today and I feel like a new man. Then I did dynamic DLs with 225×2 every min for 10 mins. I’m blasted. I looked like Chris’ teenage brother 🙂

        Hey man, Nice lifts but, that’s a fuckload of deadlifting. You might want to rotate your deadlift days between pulling heavy and speed pulls. As in, rotate that weekly. I wouldnt do those in the same day.

        • Yeah, you are right and I will feel it tomorrow at work, but it was one of those days where I felt like I could take on a horde of zombies. I don’t usually do that. I was pumped, thx.

  4. I cry after I shart.

    lol. We both probably should have mentioned masturbation.

  5. Hey AC I just started reading your log man. It got me fucking pumped today for several reasons. I kinda ranted about it on my SS log, and wanted to post it here. Keep up the good work man. No homo or anything, it just got me fired up.

    Here’s what I said:
    Somewhat unrelated rant/stream of consciousness: I read AC’s log on 70sbig today, and it got me fucking pumped. First because he’s just a beast. Second because it is inspiring to see other MEN who grab life by the balls and GET SHIT DONE. I’m surrounded by so many people who seem to be just coasting and have no problem just sucking the tit of the government the rest of their life. People who think it is acceptable to follow the herd. I brought up the concept of someone (like Justin from 70sbig) who didn’t waste his life partying and being an idiot through college. This idea to them is so foreign and strikes against their experiences/beliefs so they have to rationalize it with shit like “That’s the college experience!” then “If you go against the majority you’re seen as a social outcast and can’t get anything done,” etc. Fuck that. Why go with the crowd? Why be average? AC’s log pumped me up because hes fucking rocking life: beastly strong lifter, working on masters degree, and works as a damn bouncer. Huh you know there’s probably not much time in there for fucking around with girls and drinking. But when its all said and done, and he’s on his death bed, I think he’ll be happy he rocked life and accomplished a lot of shit. I don’t think he’ll say “damn, life woulda been so much better if I had only fucked 20 more chicks.”

    Wow man. That’s really something of you to say that about me. I don’t have any words to tell you how that makes me feel other than I appreciate it. I can’t tell you how much I hate doing this blog, but if I change one life at a time then that’s all that matters to me. Chances are I don’t like you, but you put a smile on my face today man. You’re awesome and as Rowdy Roddy Piper said “You, you’re ok. You, real fucking ugly.”

    • Kinda of homoish, but well said. LOL’d at the friendships and Chances are I dont like you. Funnier then Kim’s recent blog. Good show Ol’ Chap.

  6. most of the time I want to kill someone, fail or win. hmm.. I might want to get that checked

    Who doesn’t want to kill someone? We can cheer to that. Some ships are made out of metal. Some ships are made out of wood, but the best ships are friendships and that’s the way it should.

  7. AC, do you give out power bars at Ironworks, like the dude from Night at the Roxbury?

    Haha they actually have a protein shake machine constantly spinning like a smoothie maker in the back

  8. Since your all “coachy” now I was wondering what you thought about this program I threw together based on the “catch a pump” and assistance work guidelines from Justin’s TM E-book:
    Squat 5×3 (read as 5 sets of 3 reps)
    Then back off and squat 3×8 @ 75% of weight used for 3rep sets
    Bench/press 5×3
    Then back off and bench/press 3×8 @ 75% of 3 rep weight
    Triceps extension 3×8
    Pull ups 3×10

    Speed Deadlift 12×1
    Dumbbell rows 3×10
    Power shrugs 3×5

    Squat 2×5 @ 80% of mondays 3rep weight
    Bench/press @ 80% of 3 rep weight
    glute ham raise 3×10


    Squat 3rep max
    Bench/press 3rep max
    Deadlift 3rep max
    Curls 3X10
    Dips 3×10 @ BW



    How about them apples? By the way the “technical” definition of “Swollertrophy” made me lol. .


    Jay P. Clancy

    Email me at I feel like you are doing a little too much and I’ve been “coachy” for over 3 years man. It’s not new.

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