My Pal Norman

Norman has been my training partner/hetero life-mate since 2006. Lately he has blossomed into a very strong handsome man. He has done two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has consistently trained his fucking balls off. After he got back from Afghanistan a few months ago we talked about changing up his programming and it has worked better than I imagined. He is going to probably deadlift close to 7 in his training down the road. Here are two of his PR’s.

So proud.

I got a internship at Ironworks, which is the football teams gym, so I will be able to train more privately and really crank up the fucking volume here soon enough. The overall entertainment level of the videos will be on the rise.


Check out Danger WOD. It is hilarious. Here is an excerpt:

Danger WOD: The Danger WOD Rollerblade Total

To score your Danger WOD rollerblade total, add the scores of all 3 events together for a total score. Score weight in kilos and height in inces. 1 inch is equal to 1kg in scoring. Scores do not count if you lose your balance or roll off the platform.

Roller Snatch 1RM

Roller Clean & Jerk 1RM . . . . .

Squat: 440×3/425×3/410×3 (Knees were killing me after working the farm tour)
Bench: 225x5x3 (Giving my shoulder some recovery time)
I was overall pretty beat up from the Farm Tour

  1. awesome lifts from Norman! And going to practice that roller snatch, seems like a great idea, I might even strap a baby in front of me.

    That website is beyond awesome

  2. Nice work

    In the squat vid seems like his breath was more chestal than gutterall, and back and chest raise alot. That kosher?

    It’s an issue that’s always been with him. We have added more exercises to his program to get his hammies and back stronger. It has improved a fuck-ton. Kinda creeps up on him on the last few reps.

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