Luke Bryan

I have to work the Luke Bryan concert. Last years concert was terrible. I worked security for the Luke Bryan Farm Tour in 2010 and I couldn’t have been more miserable. This random guy walks up to me and says:

Rando Doucher with zip-away pants and white tennis shoes walks up
Rando: Hey, I wanted to thank you guys for the help you are giving
Me: . . . Ok man, no problem.
Rando walks away
Me: Who the fuck was that guy?
David: That was Luke Bryan . . .

I am taking a de-load this week because my work day tomorrow is gonna be roughly 12-15 hours. Trying to do anything other than masturbate and cry is gonna be hard to do.

If anyone has any tight songs they wanna share please link them in the comments below. Also, anyone on PSNetwork wanna throw down on some Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?
Squat: 500×3
RDL’s: 200x5x3

Bench: 335×3
Press: 185×3/205×3/225×3
Chins/Pull-Ups: BWx10x4

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  1. Who in the hell is Luke Bryan?

  2. I had to google Luke Bryan, and to be honest I’d rather carve my face off then be in the same hemisphere as one of his shows. Or his face.

  3. Luke Bryan looks like a shit-ass. I guess you know as a bouncer that if you’re working that concert you won’t be expecting any confrontations.

    For all your love of hard-rocking electronic music I’m surprised I never see anything about The Prodigy.

    That song and “Invaders Must Die” are Squat songs of the highest order.

    Prodigy doesn’t have any “pop” to me. It doesn’t have that it factor

  4. its actually this link….

    I actually drew that demon creature in class last week because I was so fucking bored. Tight ass video though.

  5. Sail – AWOLNATION

  6. What knee sleeves do you use/recommend?

    Rehbands. I have had a few friends buy them and they love em.

  7. Ok, I have had a few beers and wanted to drunk write you. First off, how was the concert? Second, why does everybody spend so much time writing Brent Fucking Kim? I never write him, but he is funny. I actually enjoy reading his blog, not for training, but for shits and giggles. I hope training is going well and school. School sucks, but its a need these days.

    Brent is a funny guy man. I don’t blame them for writing him. Get that deadlift in man. That’s real man shit.


    Bench 335lbs 3×5
    Pull ups 45lbs 5×3
    Curls 105lbs 10×3 (to put on winter weight)

    Tried to DLs today but I forgot I put the Blue Moon in the freezer. Maybe tomorrow. Ok, I’m done. Why do I feel numb?

  8. FUCK U ALL Luke Bryan is FUCKIN’ gorgeous……. I HONESTLY would have a baby with HIM! So FUCK U ALL!

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