Hand me that evidence bag

Quote of the Week:
“I’m ’bout to slap a whore.”

Can’t really think of anything to write about.

Squat: 440×5/425×3/410×3
Pendlay Rows: 200x5x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Big Money Biceps

Bench: 325x5x3
Dips: 70lbsx5x3

Squat: 495×3
Speed-Pulls: 275×2/On the Min/For 10 min
BB Curls: 105x10x3
Cable EZ Bar Curlsx10x3
Rounded-Back Extensionsx10x3

Bench: 365×3
Close-Grip: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Cable Push-Downsx10/12/15

  1. Whats up AC? Training so far is going well and I’m making good gains. Hope school is going well.

    Hey. Good man. Beat up any crackheads lately?

  2. I never beat them up, it is always within policy. Last week I did a full power clean with 225lbs. I know its not a lot, but its my first time with no stopping at the hips. The squats feel much better and I feel stronger when doing them.

  3. Hey AC, I’ve been missing my squat on intensity days at 350 lbs for 3 consecutive weeks, I knew I had it in the bag because 345lbs was so damn easy. Some sort of mental impediment I m facing, have you gone through something similar ?

    PS. any advice on mental cues for squat ?

    What is your volume squat?

    • Hey AC the volume monday was 310 lbs for 3 sets of 5

      Thanks !

      Your volume seems really close to your intensity. Try lowering the volume to 295 and hit 350 again.

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