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I attempted to pull 580. ALMOST locked it out, but the bar I had was bent and it rolled out of my right hand. Literally like an inch away from finishing. I tried it again, but I was pooped. I’ll crush it next time. Life isn’t so bad. I got a wicked lat/bi pump later on.

Negative Nancy says:

Worked 3 nights last week. Sucked huge hairy balls. Those balls will be wet for a long time. Working at the bar is terrible for training. It fucks your sleep schedule up and you have to adjust to it accordingly week by week. So I worked Tuesday, then Friday. I had a heavy squat day on Saturday and I slept for about 10 hours so I figured I could do some work. Did 485×1. Pretty standard. Did 500×1. Not too bad. Got under 515 and fell over after the rebound. My hamstrings were fucking toasted. Not to mention I didnt have my knee sleeves with me. My knees don’t feel great after work, let alone squatting with them being cold.

On the good side of the training spectrum I hit 360×3 on bench. Not too bad, but I dont give a shit about benching. I love to crush squats. I pride myself on that, but lately (4 weeks) I haven’t been able to hit SHIT. Can barely do my volume and can’t hit intensity AT ALL. Doesn’t look like I am competing in November now due to the SHITTY TRAINING. I am gonna go for 580 on deadlift tomorrow. See how that works. Don’t know what to do. Don’t have anyone helping me anymore. Coachless. Intuitive training? Potentially giving up?

My friend said I have big legs. I feel like they shrink a little every week. Sigh. Fuck this programming/work. It is not working. I am either:

A. Under-recovered from work
B. The current programming sucks
C. Thinking about hittin some test and deca so I could train real fuckin hard and get mega-jacked.

Agnes is still with me. I love her. It’s so uncomfortable to come home after work and try to squeeze into the bed with her. Keep in mind she sprawls out over the whole thing when I am not there. I wouldnt have it any other way though.

So god damn fucking tired all the time. Thoughts? Advice?

Bench: 365×1/375×1/380×1 (Not that hard)

Squat: 440×3/425×3/405×3

Wore a red and black striped tank-top to the gym
Deadlift: 580×1(F) (Had bent bar. Literally an inch away from lockout, bar rolled out of hand)
BW Pull-Upsx10x3
Lat-Pulldowns: 200×10/220×10/235×5/200×5
BB Curls: 105x10x3 (Sick pump)

Bench: 360×3
Incline: 245×5/255×5/265
BW Pull-Upsx10x3

Squat: 485×1/500×1/515×1(FAIL)
BB Rows: 205x5x3
BB Curls: 105x10x3
At this point I left because there was no point being there.

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  1. My advice is to keep at it, because you’ve come too far to give up. Maybe you just need a nice week off to rest and recover? Maybe you and Justin can sort out a new program.

  2. Its the sleep brother man. You don’t need advice, you are GOD DAMM AC. Working at the Double Deuce is probably fast money and great for school, but it sucks for sleep. Maybe ask the boss to have a set schedule while in school.

  3. I think you know yourself whats holding you back. Take a step back and rebuild (advice best given by others, though). If there is a possibility to look for another job, do it. It’s your life, if unhappy, make happy.

  4. Dude, take a step back and look at what you’re saying. Are you’re thinking about stopping training because it’s difficult? You must be out of your mind because the whole reason you train is to do something challenging, and succeed. Just because you’re not doing well right now doesn’t mean its time to quit.

    Do you like your job more than training? Can you find another job?

    As for programming, it might be time to switch to something more manageable considering your schedule. I have done 5/3/1 for a while and enjoyed it greatly; it pulled me out of some bad plateaus, and its very flexible.

    It’s more of a hypothetical quit. Not like I would stop completely. I would go in more to get jacked than anything. Im in a tough spot man. A guy can’t vent?!?!?! . . . man that noose looks good.

    • haha sorry if i took it too seriously, i got scared as soon as you said quit. i can’t have my internet motivational guys stop on me! you’re my theoretical training partner who’s numbers i’m trying to catch.

      I just needed a discussion for some programming changes. Thats all. Fixing my work schedule to be more consistant so I know when I can train. I guess if I can’t be a real hero i’ll be an internet hero.

  5. 5/3/1 is the easiest I’ve found to fit around a busy schedule and still make progress. When life gives me more time for the gym, I just increase volume when I can. When not, I get the lifts done ( 15min) then some accessory shit and out within an hour.

    I talked to Jim while visiting Westside back in Jan, he told me any program that doesn’t allow consistency wont make you awesome. Then he roofied me.

  6. Go on the internet and complain some more. That’s what I would do. :p

  7. Test + Deca + training like Ricky Bruch = your only option

  8. thoughts: fun read and glad I’m not you.
    advice: get in the shower, pull the curtain/shut the door, and turn the water on – so that you kind of assist in cleaning up the fucking mess you’re going to make when the round busts out the back of your head.

    I lol’d so fucking hard at this Shawn. Two thumbs and one half chub up!!

  9. LeonidasfromSparta

    AC, you’re obviously overtrained. I think that at this point of the game, your current job is killing your progress (lack of night sleep makes all the difference in the world).
    On the programming side, have you tried ladders? This has some good advice on them:

    And don’t fucking dare to think of quitting now!

  10. It sounds like being a bouncer while you finish out grad school is just a rough patch that will be over soon, as I’m sure you already know. Hey, Ronnie Coleman only slept about 6 hours a night when he was crushing everyone in bodybuilding.

    What Jim Wendler does is he only does barbell lifts twice a week.
    Week A: Deadlift one day, Press another day
    Week B: Squat one day, Bench another day

    He does 5/3/1 obviously but when he trains like this, only doing barbell lifts twice a week, he doesn’t do that delaod week. It’s just

    Weeks 1 & 2: 65%X5, 75%5, 85%X5+
    Weeks 3 & 4: 70%X3, 80%X3, 90%X3+
    Weeks 5 & 6: 75%X5, 85%X3, 95%X1+

    Then repeat the 6 weeks, adding 5 pounds to the Press & Bench Press training max and 10 pounds to the Squat and Deadlift training max (training max starting out as 90% of the actual max).

    On the 1 or 2 days Wendler goes in the gym but doesn’t do barbell lifts he does softball workouts: just stuff like Back Extensions, Pushdowns, and Chin-ups. A.C. what you do now is have 3 sessions of murder every week. Maybe you should just plan on having a softball pump session somewhere instead of always being in kill mode every workout. And maybe the use of percents might be helpful while you don’t have anyone coaching you.

    I appreciate the advice. I’ll need some time to read this and dissect it.

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