Good or Bad?

I consistently browse a website named “SpaceGhetto”. I never know what I am going to find. It is a website in which users constantly upload material. They have free reign to upload whatever their little hearts desire. Some times you may come across a sweet pair of tits to be only followed up by a giant dick on the next thread. It’s worth all the shit that you have to sift through because you will eventually find really cool pictures or material that you won’t find anywhere else. This leads me to my next point . . .

I alluded to this earlier when I said you find dick-pics, but there are some homosexual people on the site that do post gay nudes. In this case here, you might recognize the guy in the first picture. Click here for the thread.

That’s right. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I’m not sorry that you had to see the pictures that follow that. We all have dicks. Get over it. I found the thread pretty funny.

Moving on . . .

Had a long ass weekend. Terrible sleep schedule. Exhausted. Went to Fukkk Yesss. It was alright. The DJ’s hype man was a fucking faggot. He ran his mouth for the 2+ hours I was there and he constantly stopped the music to announce “If you have a penis move to the back of the pit, If you have a vagina come to the front”. Dude kept ruining the music. It was like pumping up to a song only to have the best part muted and having some guy, trying way to hard to be cool, tell you to stop having fun. The hate was boiling. Fuck that guy.

There was a lot of driving and little sleep so training is going to be kinda rough this week. I’ll get over it.

Squat: 460×3/445×3/430×3
Light Deadlift: 315×5

Bench: 325×5/325×3/325×3
Dips: 45lbsx5/70lbsx5/90lbsx5
(That’s all I did. Long tiring weekend)

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  1. check out, you have to wade through some dick on there too, but you can search your city and see if you know anyone whose nudes got sent in

    Opened it up. Girlfriend was right behind me. Great.

  2. Oh yeah, those speedo piXXX have been circulating in the gay tumblr ecosystem for ages. See, for example, the notes on this post:

    Jumponthedick likes this”. LOL

  3. ooooh internet, you’re such a nice place filled with dicks, assholes and pussies

  4. I’m not looking at the thread, I would love to keep that out of my mind or my personal spankbank thank you very much. Bro, the site is cool (good), but DJ Douch Bag’s errand boy was trying to be hard (bad.) Maybe next month Fukk Nooo. Question; did you wear your wolverine shirt this time? It could have put you in a bad mood.

  5. Ok, I looked at the thread and I’m glad I did. That kept me from killing someone today. Thanks for the laugh

    Glad homosexual threads give you the giggles.

    • Fuck, u got me. I meant Justin’s Wham picture on the beach, but whatever.

      Logan to Zero at the lumbar yard

      Logan “tsk tsk, atta boy”

  6. Fuck you i went to spaceghetto and the first thing i saw was a picture of a guy fucking a dead body that had been ripped open and all the organs taken out. I can never unsee that and now I have trouble sleeping. What the fuck is wrong with humanity that people do this and others want to see it?

    I told you what was on there man. It was click and browse at your own risk.

    • Well I wasn’t so much having a go at you as the people that do this shit and the others that want to see it. Not to be all grandma about it but how do you think the parents or family of that girl would feel if they found out that her body had been treated that way? It makes me sad for humanity. Anyway, sorry to go so off topic

      It’s cool man. I don’t hate you.

  7. Did the barbell complexes weds night. That shit was fun. About as fun as having a honey badger licking your balls. Trust me, it’s not. I went thru a mountain man stage, didnt last long.

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