Hangin out, Talking about anal.

First week of Grad-School is over. Yay. Gotta step up my game with reading and trying. My professor told me, in order to make this work you have to engross yourself in the books and the program. I am very interested, but it might take me a minute to get into the groove.

Squatted 515×2 on Saturday. Got fucking assraped by it. After my set was over I said to the bar “How did my hair look? When you fucked me!”. I had to work Friday and I probably went to bed when most of you wake up. I got off so god damn fucking late. By the time I showered, boned my g/f, and ate something it was close to 5. Made close to 4 grand at the door I believe. I got paid an extra 50 bucks for doing so well. It’s a stressful position due to the responsibility that they place on me. Consider having thousands of dollars in your pocket while potentially having to fight/wrestle/avoid being sucker-punched/Robbed for 6 hours. Plenty of girls flirt with me to try to get in for free, but I don’t give a FUCK.

This girl walked up to me Friday and said
Girl: Hey, you gave me a funny look when I came in earlier
Me: Ok?
Girl: My name is Kaitlin
(Extends hand for handshake, Firm handshake given)
Me: Hi, I’m Steve (I tell people that so they don’t know my real name)
(Still holding my hand she grips it harder and gets all up in my face)
Me: Ok.
Girl: Ugh, Don’t look to enthusiastic to meet me . . . (Walks away)

Who the fuck does she think she is? Acting like she is fucking important or something. Fuck off.

Random here:
If you haven’t seen the movie “Bronson” starring Tom Hardy, then you should go see it. It is based on a true story about Michael Peterson A.K.A. Charlie Bronson, Englands most violent prisoner. The movie shows an obviously glamorized version of the real-life based events, but nonetheless it was tits. There is a gratuitous amount of full frontal male nudity. Mainly because before Bronson fights, he puts on his body armor. Usually it is some sort of greasy substance like oil, butter, or feces. Here is a song from the movie. Makes me want to fight. Check the movie. Check the song.

Squat: 275×2/On the Min/10 Min
BB Rows: 195x5x3
RDL’s: 155x5x3

Bench: 355×3/315×5
Close-Grip: 225×5/245×5/265×5 (lowered the weight on this one. Chest was kinda tight)
Pull-Ups: 90×3/100×3/110×2/117×1/BWx10

Squat: 455x3x2/440×3
Rack Pull: 455×5
Back Extensionsx10x3
Barbell Curls: 95x10x3
Preacher Curls: 25’sx10x3

Bench: 325x5x3
Press: 225x2x3 (EZ)
Dips: 85lbsx5x3 (EZ)

Squat: 515×2 (Got raped by the bar really hard)
Barbell Rows: 195x5x3
RDL’s: 145x5x2/155×5

Bench: 355×3/345×3
Close-Grip: 285×5/295×5/305×5
Weighted Pull-Ups: 45lbsx5/90lbsx3x2

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  1. Thats a good movie! Good find on the song I always wondered what song that was.

    Yeah dude I just googled it. Took like 3 seconds to find

  2. Who doesn’t cover themselves in feces when they fight? Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

    Did dynamic squats today and I cried a bit, but fuck it, real men cry too!

    There is a funny hostage/body armor scene. The movie is worth watching.

  3. Now you have to watch Chopper


    I saw this when I was looking at more Bronson stuff online. Is it on Netflix?

  4. you know the guy has a strength training book out? It has a whole chapter on anal integrity: http://www.amazon.com/Solitary-Fitness-Charlie-Bronson/dp/1844543099/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314695979&sr=8-1

    I debated on buying it due to my weak anal muscles.

  5. Your blog makes me chuckle. That is all for now.

  6. LeonidasfromSparta

    AC, what kind of programming are you doing right now? Cause I see that you are benching 2x a week (intensity and volume), and squatting once a week (intensity)?

    Nah man I def squat 2x a week. I guess it’s a more advanced kind of programming. Trying to get faster progression out of me. The previous programming was just a little slow, in terms of progression.

  7. AC, out of curiousity, what are you going to graduate school for?

    Your bouncing tale is a common one. For some reason females think they are entitled to men giving a fuck, even if they don’t, but you sound like you have a good one on the line.


    Sports Psychology. 90% of the people I deal with are scum of the fucking earth. I am used to it.

  8. “Scum of the fucking earth.” Sorry, I laughed really hard at the last comment. I needed that. Finally, someone who feels the way I do. At times, how can a person not feel jaded?

    I feel like I am jaded yeah. It sucks at times.

  9. I watched Bronson tonight. Despite the fact that I had to see Tom Hardy’s anteater a dozen times, it was a pretty good movie. Different, but good. Did you watch Chopper yet?

    It’s not coming up on any of my searches when I am logged on. Doesn’t look like I’ll be watching it.

  10. Bingham stood 6-foot-4, weighed roughly 225 lbs., and played rugby. Beamer was 6-foot-2 and was a former basketball player. Burnett, 6-foot-3, played quarterback in high school and college. And Glick, also 6-foot-3, was a national collegiate judo champ. Hoagland is convinced that their ability to think quickly, coupled with their physical strength, made a difference in stopping the plane from hitting one of its targets. The targets were either the White House or Capital.

    Here, in this article, the writer describes the four guy’s physical attributes on flight 93. These four men saved countless lives and lost their’s. Notice when the writer says “coupled with their physical strength.” Always be prepared. You never know when your day will come, fight or flight. 70sbiggers do not fly.

  11. I’m confused, so does your lady live there, or in Poland?

    (p.s. Getting assraped in the squat rack sucks)

    She lives in Poland, but she is here for a month visiting

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