Kocham cie Agnieszko

Been a little busy busy lately. Grad-School has started so I have been nervously awaiting my first classes.

Training-wise, it’s been pretty steady. Last Thursday I benched 315×5/335×5 then I did some close grip with 275×5/285×5/295×5. After the pressing I did weighted pull-ups with 45lbx5x2/90lbx3. My back was tired from pulling earlier in the week so I didn’t have much juice for the pull-ups. Friday night I did some Speed/Dynamic effort squatting. Put on 275×2/on the minute for 10 min. A lot tougher than I though. Did some RDL’s with 135x5x3, felt some nice work was being done in the ol’ hamstrings.

Training went smoothly. Justin, Norman, Dobo, and I went to eat afterwords. Had a nice feast at Cheesecake Factory. Long story short, Dobo left his keys in his car. I had to drive his ass back to buckhead to get his spare and bring him back to his car. This took all of about an hour and forty-five min. Little did I fucking know AGNES WAS WAITING AT MY GOD DAMN HOUSE. She fucking surprised me FROM POLAND! Fuck me right?!?!

I didn’t see her at first when I walked into the room. I looked down at the couch right in front of me and saw her. Of course I got emotional. After yelling “OH, FUCK!” I left the room and cried. Shit was awesome. I have limitless reserves of strength, but I broke down when I saw her.

/Killself is not in my vocabulary any more because of her.

Deadlift: 275×2/On the min/For 10 min
Squat: 405×5/425×5/435×5 (Gotta get used to this Pull before Squat shit)

Bench: 327x5x3
Press: 185×5 (light press work after benching)
Dips: 70lbsx5x3 (EZPZ)

Squat: 275×2/on the min/for 10 min
RDL’s: 135x5x3
BB Rows: 185x5x3

Close Grip: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Weighted Pull-ups: 45lbx2x5/225×3

  1. What do you study bro?

    Sports Psychology. I think some of it is useful and some of it is silly.

  2. I just want you to know that you’re kind of strong, but I am going to catch you.

    Also, your Polish girlfriend is pretty cute.

    Don’t worry, you won’t.

  3. That is a damn long trip for a surprise. Pretty cool.

  4. Actually, she would be cuter if she put on some yoke.

    She plays baseball/softball and she is the pitcher. Her league is co-ed and I am pretty sure she has beaten out guys for her position. She is legit brah.

  5. Sounds like a cool girl. You better take her some place swankier than the cheesecake factory.

    I need to take her to some place in Savannah for like a date night. Not sure where though. She doesn’t like a lot of the food here.

  6. Videos of your girl doing RDLs.

    Is this a question?

  7. LeonidasfromSparta

    And for you motherfuckers who don’t know Polish (or even worse don’t know Google Translate), the title of the post means: “I love you Agnieszka”.
    This is all very romantic.

  8. Ok, I got the book on Monday and holy crap. I tweaked my bench and deads by reading the cues in Starting Strength and its a hugh difference already. Yesterday I benched 325lbs 5×3 with no shoulder stress. I’m sore in the chest, not in the shoulders. I did deads today with only 315lbs 5×4, but it was more of gauging and form work. I love going back to the basics and I can only see huge improvements in the future.

    Thanks for the (you are shooting yourself in the foot if dont get the book) A.C. which I took as you are a idiot if you don’t.

    Starting Strength- Not having Starting Strength is like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Yeah you can do it, but when you crash you are going to fuck yourself up.

    Boom. Just savin lives.

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