Gotham, Take back your city!

A few friends and I went to see the new “Planet of The Apes” movie. It was legit. It took a few minutes to settle into the whole “Willing suspension of disbelief” because they were digital monkeys on screen. At one point as I was watching these digital monkeys I said to myself, “They got me, They fucking got me”. The movie was tight though. Could have done with more chimp on chimp sex scenes imo, but whatever. That’s why I’m not a fancy hollywood director.

Pressed 185x5x3 on Monday. First time doing volume press in a hot minute. EZ-PZ. Did a little light benching afterwords. Today I pulled 540×3 (PR) and then I squatted 485×3. Justin helped some re-programming and I was supposed to do Medium squats and heavy pulls. Not really sure what defines medium so Mike suggested 485×3. Kinda hard after I pulled.

I cried before and during this set. I have limitless reserves of strength.

I noticed that my last video had a bunch of views and only like two people posted a comment on here. Nobody wants to say hello? Nah it’s ok. Fuck me right?

This is more for me to look at to keep an easy log to look back at:

Deadlift: 540×3
Medium Squat: 485×3
Dumbbell curls

Press: 185x5x3
Light Bench: 225x5x3
Dips: 45lbx5x5

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  1. Dude my competition best in deadlift is 374, so… what’s there to say? You are an animal. Out of curiosity: what’s your actual bodyweight?

    Take care.

    • I just wanted to say hi man. I weigh about 215 right now.

      • Looking good at 215 (no homo).

        I watched your video before going to the gym and hit the deadlifts hard. Didn’t cry though, I just nearly fainted after the last set.

        Anyway I forgot to congratulate you an actually doing DEADlifts. When you got time, give a few cues to the Shrugthug. He seems to think that touch-and-go is legit. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

        • A. I know I look good. My mom tells me all the time.

          B. Brent Kim can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

        • bro i dunno why you’re putting me on blast but i train the deadlift touch-and-go and dead-stop … i also like snatch-grip, deadlifts with a pause at the knee, and RDLs

          i like variation, and i do touch-and-go deads for the same reason i don’t pause every rep of every set of bench press or overhead press

          • No worries Brent. I’m a little disappointed that the Vatican hasn’t called me to join their ranks. Guess I could be more dogmatic then?

            By the way paused benching sucks. You should bounce that shit off your chest like all the cool (and fucking jacked) dudes do.

  2. Fuck us all

  3. THIS, made ME cry

  4. I’m done sobbing. How is your programming going to look like? Minor adjustments or complete overhaul?

  5. Hi AC. I have been a long time lurker on and I watch your videos every training session. I have the following page bookmarked –


    The videos really help me to get fired up for training. So don’t worry if people don’t say hello, you’re more inspiring than you think. Keep up the good work man.

    Quick question for you – what do you think about in order to get fired up for a heavy set? Is there a particular mental drill that you go through or is it purely about aggression? Do you go through a technique checklist in your mind, giving yourself some cues before you lift?

    • It’s more of I am interested in what everyone else is doing.

      I don’t think of any lifting cues whatsoever before I do a heavy set. Unless I fudge up during the set, then I will take a millisecond to say the cue that helps.

      I would categorize it as emotionally aggressive, not like angry aggressive, cause I cry.

      I really just put on a song that I can visualize a horrible situation too.

      I listened to that song before I pulled yesterday and I imagine myself as Ezio Auditore fighting to my last breath. Most of the scenarios I think about involve me and selected loved ones fighting to the last breath/getting killed. It’s kinda intense bro.

  6. A.C, what’s the most evil way you’ve ever broken it off with a lady?

  7. you look like a samurai

  8. Do a video doing some curls in your singlet!

  9. Your light bench is heavier than my heavy bench. I’m just going to cry on the keyboard for a while.

  10. Hi!
    But seriously, great work. I like looking back in your vimeo section to see the evolution of A.C. Your lifting is very inspirational. Take care bud, keep it up. By the way that long hair is barbarian style, does the “C” in A.C. stand for…Cimmerian? :::puts pinky finger to lower lip Dr. Evil style::: What? Nobody does the Dr. Evil thing anymore? Ok, I’m out of touch.

  11. I was like meh, until the end, when your detachable penis detached. Then I was all like ” This ended up being adequate.”

  12. This is pretty legit. Weigh 10 pounds less than me, pulling 200 more. My goal is to pull 500 by the end of the year, but I’m feeling less and less like I’m going to make it. What other pulling movements do you do, and how tall are you?

    Also, I regularly watch the video of you at 2010 Raw Nationals for inspiration.

  13. Oh, and while I’ve never had my iPod disconnect like that, my earbuds regularly get yanked out of my ears during deadlifts.

  14. Wait, so no nationals this year?!
    Also, new layout is fucking with my head.

  15. So this is a long shot, but do you listen to the “Stuff You Should Know” Podcast by any chance?If so, did you happen to write an e-mail to the hosts about bounty hunters and Boba Fett? This would have been in March of 2010…

    I listen to that podcast! They are pretty awesome. I sent them some shirts recently cause Chuck said that a man should be at least 200 pounds.


    • BRO! Thats pretty awesome. I started listening to it at the beginning of the year and have been following along in order so I think I have some time till I get to the newer ones but Ill be listening for that comment… this pod cast really helps get through long boring days at work. AC, if you dont listen to it, you should probably start… or just fucking kill yourself. Either way.

      Lol I guess I’ll look into it man.


  16. how tall are you, AC?

    15 lbs more than me and pulling my max + 150 lbs for reps, cant even bench bodyweight yet. might as well kill myself

    Around 5’10 1/2 — 5’11


  17. Hey AC just wanted to say your a big inspiration to me keep up the good work man.

  18. Hey Ace, just finishing up a family cruise and getting back to training next week. Gotta get some kind of plan together (it’ll probably just be more of the regular TM I’ve been doing) for the meet in Nov.

  19. LeonidasfromSparta

    Well, Hullo! There I said it.

    Seriously now, I’ve always followed your log, but haven’t commented much in the past. I like the new format of the blog and the comments though so probably will be a pain in the ass from now on.
    Did you like the Rise of the Apes? And can somebody explain me how are a thousand apes gonna conquer the world, if there are more dangerous animals (like AC) around?

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