Got any tips?

Went active mode this week. Hiked Stone Mountain on Tuesday. Slightly more difficult than I anticipated. I had squatted 455×5/440×5/425×3 the day before. Legs were giving out on me several times. I thought about jumping off the edge a couple times. Tonight I went rock climbing at Escalade. They have the largest bouldering wall in Atlanta. It’s over 2000 sq ft. It was definitely tougher this time due to the fact I deadlifted 530×3 mere hours earlier. Now I feel like a turd on a log, in which the log is a noose tied in my closet and the turd is me hanging by the noose. Sigh. Fuck me right?

Here is the 530×3(Shirtless)

Anytime you can train shirtless I suggest you do it. After all, it is beach season.

  1. Yes, the same. I can follow your upper body workouts, but lower body I scale it way back. I was one of those assholes who lifted only upper until a few years ago.Sigh

    • Wait, so what do you bench/press

      • As far as maxs? I haven’t maxed out on bench for a while, last time was 395lbs (pause) and press was 265lbs. I know, light, but I feel brand new with all these new ebooks coming out. I really dont know shit (being honest) with you. I have been learning from 70sbig, but I feel the need to buy the ebooks.

  2. I’d like to see the 395 or the press man. Just record it with w/e you have and email it to

  3. You got it. My DLs and squats are just horrible but its a work in progress.

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