Suburban Commando


Deadlift: 560×1/575×1 (PR)
Close Grip Bench: 275×5/285×5/295×5
Squat: 500×1 (Medium Squat Day)


Curls: 100lb Barx10x3
Lot’s of Stretching/Foam Rolling


Squat: 365×5/385×5/405×5
Press: 185x5x3

  1. Ratcheting back on Press a little on Squat? What’s the big picture gonna look like?

    And I have seen the video of David. I want to know more about David.

  2. Tapering for a meet my friend. There will be more about David soon. Don’t you worry.

  3. Is this the same meet that Brent is going to be at?

  4. We are all going to be at that meet yeah

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