Look at my god damn muscles

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First official day back since Strep throat. Felt pretty good. I definitely wore my singlet underneath my clothes. I wish I could have whipped it out, but I would have looked like a faggot. The 180 here consists of guys in their early thirties to late thirties wearing super cut-offs who do upper body constantly and are really fucking tan. Not too many people in there actually lift. Basically a bunch of beach boys. I’ll hand it to em though. It is beach season.


Had to work the night before. 7 hours of standing in 90 degree heat in jeans and boots didn’t let me have a good lifting day.
Squat: 540×1
Bench: 385×1
Pull: 585 (MISS)


Powerclean: 195x1x6
Curls and shiiiiiiiitttttt.


Squat: 465×3/450×3/435×3
Bench: 335×3/320×3/305×3/225×10
Pull Ups: 45lb platex5x3

  1. Whats up with the descending sets? NO more texas method?

  2. I essentially still do the Texas method. I have a volume and intensity day. The volume day has been changed and I have had a much better result from it on my intensity days. 5×5 never really did me any good now that I look back at it.

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  4. I couldnt focus on anything besides that girl with big boobs, well and the black dude dancing in his underwear

  5. Ok, crappy week of training. On monday I was doing squats with only 315lbs. I did the first rep fine and then went for the second. I went all the way down and when I came up, I felt my lower right side back tweak. I didnt go forward or back, so what the hell. I thought it was good form and this happens only when I lean forward. Any advice?

  6. I mean there could be a variety of things going on. How many weeks has in been since a deload? I tend to tweak and get extremely achey when I train too long without a deload. Has the pain been consistent since or is it going away?

  7. I would have to admit, I haven’t had a deload phase in awhile. I think its about time for one. I’m such a dumbass. The pain is going away, but my whole week was shot. I couldnt even put my socks on, let alone fight the mutant brotherhood. Thanks for the advice. I was wondering, what should be the ratio for lifting with a deload?

  8. I go 5:1, but it depends. I can go 6:1 and have the 6th week kinda shitty so you’re gonna have to feel it out.

  9. AC trains so hard he’s already a month into the future.

    7/21/11 and 7/20/11 brah

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