Erik, isn’t it? . . . I prefer, Magneto.


Bill Starr Power Shrugs: 315x10x3 (Still no straps)
Powercleans: 185x1x5 (I personally don’t give a shit)
Tricep work: Pushdowns/Single-Hand Pushdowns/Close Pushupsx10x3


Squat: 470×5/455×5/440×5
Press: 225×5/210×3/195×5
Hot Nasty Curls: Dumbbellx10x3/Seatedx15x3

  1. What an unexpectedly ace film that was. Though I’m surprised you didn’t go with:
    ‘I’m Erik Lehnsherr.’
    ‘And I’m Charles Xavier.’
    ‘Go fuck yourself.’
    *swift exit*

  2. I was more erect for the Magneto reveal than anything else.

  3. AC,
    I like how you have your training set up. On your accessory day (power clean and shrugs), is there a set plan or you just winging it?

  4. It’s mostly just me winging it. I think I might change it more to a conditioning day on top of what’s already there. Kinda been wanting to trim some fat and change my body comp a bit.

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