Get ready for Coitus

The top comment is hilarious

Squat: 530×3
Bench: 375×2
Deadlift: 315x2xOn The Minx10 Min


Squat: 465×5/450×5/435×5
Bench: 325×5/315×5/300×5
Curls for da money


Seated Dumbbell Pressx10x3 (45lb)
Side Lateralsx10x3 (25lb)
Pull-Upsx5x3 (BW)

I also taught two of the guys I work with how to squat/bench/pull (Chase and Thomas). I have seen one of them knock out several people with one punch so I am interested in how getting stronger is going to work for him. He also wears deep tank-tops. Not everyone knows it’s beach season, but CHASE DOES.

  1. AC, do you put your plates back? Surely, it must suck to put 10 45s minimum away on a daily basis…

  2. Yes I put my plates back. It is a HUGE pain in the ass, but it could be worse.

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