Light Week

Taking a light week. Went heavy for 6 weeks. Started to get achey and felt worn down. I think I’ll go 5:1 with light/de-loads. Might as well make it Official.


Squat: 465×1/485×1/500×1
Bench: 365×3


Bill Starr Power Shrugs: 225x10x3
Lot’s of Big Money Bicepsx10x3


Squat: 405x3x3
Bench: 310x5x3

  1. Can’t wait for the video, cuz we all give a fudge. Thanks for quick response, I now can act like I know what I’m doing.

    I have the beginning done. I need some more footage. It will be done soon. Trying to spend more time to make better vids.

  2. Im sure it will be Rad. After the squats and press today, I decided to do 3 sets of tire flips (400lbs 5x5x13 reps). Im done for tomorrow. Im not even getting out of the car, funk that.

  3. CoolStoryBro

    Its funny that i finally hit 235 5×3, and ACs deload is 405.

    Im excited for this video. The most recent AC texas trip video was great.

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