“Handsome fighters never lose battles.”

Props if you get the quote.


Squat: 520×3 (The guy spotting me touched my ribs twice, after I specifically told him not to)
Press: 240×3

After this point in my day I was so god damn fuckin mad that I left the gym. Had a real shitty week (Tests/Work/I HATE everybody). Squatting 520×3 was the only thing I looked forward to and I felt like it was taken from me when ole buddy touched my during my lift. I didn’t pull either because I was so enraged due to what happened on the squat. Plus I had to work last night too. Deadlifting then standing on a box for 4 hours really sucks a large dong.


Powerclean: 195x1x8
Bill Starr Shrugs: 405x8x2 (Strap tore. 3rd pair gone through.)
Various Dumbbell curls


Squat: 460x3x5
Press: 205x5x3
BW Pull-Upsx5x3

Pretty fucking tired this week. My body started to ache a tad more. The usual training cycle is 6 weeks on before I give myself a light/rest week. I am glad to take it. I’ll take de-load week most likely, then repeat this weeks training in the gymnasium.

Also in progress of making a training/log video for Dustin. Be on the look out if you give a fuck. O and I was listening to Guile’s Street Fighter 2 theme the entire time I wrote this post.

  1. Street fighter II quoted by Vega, Booooo yahhhh. I use to work at a arcade. Your training is killer AC and I feel great after, like I can take on Ryu. Question, what are the Bill Starr shrugs? I use a makeshift trap bar at the gym.

  2. The Bill Starr Shrug (probably)

    For what it’s worth I give a fuck about the upcoming vid.

    Thanks for linking him. Ha and I appreciate the care. I won’t disappoint.

  3. CoolStoryBro

    Awaiting new training video

    It will be like a week before it’s made. I forgot this week is our de-load week.

  4. Cool, thx for the link. In this video, will there be midgets, chainsaws and heavy metal?

    If I knew midgets they would have already been chainsawed

  5. Quick question. When you list your workout as squat 460x5x3, is that 5 sets of 3 reps or 460lbs 5 times and then three times? Probably a stupid question, but just want to clarify.

  6. He listed it as 460x3x5 which is exactly as it is read:

    460 pounds for three reps times five sets.

  7. Were you using the cheaper leather straps?

    Nope. I was using your standard cotton stitched straps.

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