Sexual Tyrannosaurus


Squat: 515×3 (3 pieces of toast)
Bench: 360×3
Deadlift: 560×1 (Easy)

I actually spelled Tyrannosaurus right on the first try


Powerclean: 185x1x8 (Sigh)
Bill Starr Shrugs: 315x10x3
Seated Dumbbell Press: 45x10x3
Dumbbell Curls: 45x10x3


Squat: 460x3x5
Bench: 300x5x3
Chin-Ups: 25lbsx5x3

  1. AC, who have saved my life and what I assumed was good training. Following your log, I broke my sticking point. Thx

    Where are you at in training?

  2. Well, I started my lifting in 2002, but I was following muscle mag’s workouts. What a tool I was. I didn’t see the light until I discovered 70s big and began lifting like a champ. I had to break down my lifts to actually lift with correct form. I threw out the BS lifts and started lifting only squat, bench, press and deadlifts. So, in short I’m a baby. My bench is my strong point and deads/squats I am fairly a newbie. Deads I’m at around 400, squats at 300 (sad I know). I actually did 315 for 1 on the incline, first time

  3. I believe doing the powerlifts help me better at work since I have to deal with thugs and parolees on a daily basis. Would u believe they don’t always go along with the program? I hope I answered ur question. Basically I following ur sets and reps, but with lower weight

    Have you heard or read up on the novice program/Texas method by Rippetoe?

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