My brother, Shawn, some friends of mine and I went to FUKKK YESSS this past weekend. It was incredible as usual. It is the first Saturday of every month. If you are in the Atlanta area and want to come with us feel free to e-mail and we can go together.

My brother is awesome

Next month may be a negative because I have finals the week after. Who the fuck knows though. E-mail at acis70sbig@gmail.com


  1. Is that a Wolverine shirt? Fucking win.

  2. Tell us more about the not-so-70s world of awesome electro dance music. The Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape was pretty eargasmic.
    I might do a write up on FUKKK YESSS next time I go. Thanks for the idea.


  3. LeonidasfromSparta

    @Stillgrowing – With that powerful facial hair, I’m sure now that Wolverine – the character was inspired by AC.

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