Ignore my sex-like sounds

This is Dustin’s first Intensity press. I had him do ascending doubles to get him comfortable with some heavier weights so he can start his 3-5RMs the following week. For some reason he has LIMITLESS AMOUNTS OF STRENGTH. Dustin will most likely press in the 300 range by the summer.

  1. Hey, A.C.
    Is there any particular company that you’d suggest buying a belt from?

    Also, his press is immense! is usually where I direct folks.


  2. AC –

    Would a belt like this one be good for squatting and deadlifting?

    I know some people use two separate belts, but buying two is probably a bit too expensive for me right now.

    I use that exact belt, but it depends on how you are built. You may have a tiny torso and a thick belt in the front for you might not work. Purchasing a tapered belt would slove this. Ask Brent about a tapered belt. I haven’t really run into many people who needed two different belts, but I do know some people who may have to adjust the position of the belt for both lifts. One spot might work for squatting, but it may need to be re-positioned to pull. Anyways why do you think you need two belts?


  3. I just remember reading that people use two separate ones, but I wasn’t sure if I’d actually need to get two. I’ve never had one, so I wasn’t sure what I’d need. I don’t have a tiny torso, so the 13mm would probably be fine for me. Thanks.

    The 13MM has nothing to do with the width of the belt. 13MM is how thick it is, but I am sure it will be fine for you.

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