PR Friday, 17 May 2013

Did you have a good week? I hope you had a good week. I hope you hit a couple nice PRs, and I hope you tell us about them below.

This week, I put up an article about coaching the sumo deadlift. I also pulled the short-shorts article out of the archives, because dammit, it is Time. Gotta love the summer. I already have weird tank-top tan lines, which is like a badge of honor. The teardrops are slowly crisping up to a nice golden brown, too. Tanning PRs count as long as you’re in the process of getting more jacked.

Mike answered all the questions he could find in another Q&A video that also features his dog. Hit him up on our facebook page if you have more questions. If the person with the labrum tear wants more info, they can hit me up – both mine are shredded and even when I had my left AC joint scoped, they didn’t repair that one. Have fun with that.

Additionally, the USAPL Women’s Nationals (single-ply equipped lifting) is this weekend. Check out for a schedule and livestream, and to see 150lb females out-squatting you, by a lot, if you need that kind of brotagonistic motivation, or just enjoy watching awesomely strong ladies compete.

Our friendly neighborhood giant Ryan Carrillo is headed to Lithuania for IPF Bench Worlds next week. Give him a good-luck shout-out on our facebook page as he goes to collect some hardware for Muricuh’.

That’s all I got today. Say something entertaining in the comments. I ran out of face submissions, but here’s something topical, sorta:

2/10 - One point for the tank top, one point for the points for the 70sBig face attempt. Needs practice.

2/10 – One point for the tank top, one point for the shorts…no points for the 70sBig face attempt. Needs practice, or possibly a heavy Magnesium dose.