Meet Time

The meet is this Saturday. I’m excited. Hoping to go for 568/392/600. I’ve benched more in the gym recently, but that wasn’t after a heavy 1RM squat. I just want to PR in everything and have a kick ass time.

Squat: 225x3x2
Bench: 225×5
Press: 135x5x2

Squat: 495
Bench: 350
Deadlift: 225x5x2

  1. If you hit a PR, you have to do this dance leaving the platform:


  2. good luck!!! Will there be coverage of the event of some sorts?

    I’ll post about it, but I’m not going to provide updates from lift to lift.

  3. Good luck man! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! Will you have someone there to record your lifts?

    Norman might do it for me

  4. Good luck AC , crush your competition !!!

  5. Let this be your pre-lift motivational music. Slay ass, AC.

    Skyrim was fucking sweet.

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